Escape Bar and Kitchen, Dlf Phase 4, Gurugram

One of the most surprising experiences that I had was here because although the place has a good rating already, I haven’t heard about it until recently. Their location is perfect, Galleria Market, and being a rooftop bar, they sure have all the perks in terms of venue.

The place has the right blend of blue and white; from cushions to walls. The interiors are decent, with small frames (quotes and paintings) all over the place. It looked like a small french cafe because of all the white and blue; don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt the eyes.

The food is pretty nice, like seriously. My must-have recommendations are as follows:

  • Malai Soya Chaap
  • Oreo Crunch Shake
  • Butter Chicken
  • Kadhai Paneer
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Nutella Crepe
  • Fruit Punch
  • Pure Cinn
  • Coco Freeze

Yes, that many and all are very noice 😉

The staff is very courteous and friendly, and the food leaves the kitchen perfectly on time; elevating the entire experience. They have an extensive menu, so we had several options and loved whatever was served. Make sure you take these recommendations seriously; else you will be lost in the never-ending options that this outlet has.

I will be surely visiting the place after Diwali now and would love to take my friends again to make sure that they have a great time too!

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