Raisin: An Indian Fabric Brand Launch With Bhumi Pednekar

The launch of the brand Raisin took place a month ago in the exuberant Kaveri Hall of JW Marriott Juhu. It was a high profile fashion event with many fashionista’s like me making rounds.

I loved the atmosphere because there were like minded people available over there. The best part was that the event started on time.


The showcasing of Raisin’s clothes began early. What I liked about the clothes is that quality feels smooth and fine like raisin. Yet, the  price is quite cheap as compared to the quality. However, I must admit that it doesn’t feel greatly competitive considering the options available in the market. However, the colors are earthy and sensual, just what is required. They don’t feel too offensive to the eyes. In fact, they feel quite calm and inviting.

Bhumi Pednekar twirled in her yellow anarkali and she looked so easy. The feel of the outfit feels really warm and comfortable. The touch is soft and silky. This is what I prefer. Still, the material can get a little finer. They are also launching products in Khadi and Chanderi Silk (Jhansi, Bundelkhand). I am eagerly awaiting their collection. This one was an introductory one, nevertheless, pure and suitable to the Indian temperature.

Indian people don’t prefer too hot clothes considering the tropical atmosphere.  Too loud colors are also not preferred especially for everyday life. The clothes launched by Raisin are good for everyday office goers and those who love to dress semi-casually.


The segment will not appeal to high-fashion lovers. It will be good for semi-casual events or birthday parties. The owners of Raisin first started their textile business in the 80s. The company was launched as Parvati fabrics. This is their first venture.

After a brief display of collection and round of interviews, the lunch was served. Then the event continued for sometime after Bhumi Pednekar, who was the showstopper and brand ambassador left the venue.

Overall, I will give the collection 3 upon 5 stars.

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