Super Cool Sunshades by Sojos Vision…

More is less when it comes to sunshades and I came across this super cool sunshades brand Sojos Vision. They have recently launched their kids shades and available on Amazon. I ordered one kids and one adult shades and I must say, both are freaking awesome for the price range.

I ordered Sojos Kids cat eye Round Sunglasses in gold frame, pink mirrored lens with UV Protection, must say sunglasses for kids just can’t get better than this. My daughter loved it. Very good quality for the price. Its bit big for my daughter, but we loved the over sized look.

Sojos Kids is priced at MRP of Rs. 999/- , discounted price of Rs. 599/-

The other one we ordered was Sojos Fashion Aviator Unisex Sunglasses in Matt Black Frame and Grey Lens. The quality of the shades is too good for the price, only concern is there is no size option. Else its a must have Polarised Aviator.

Sojos Fashion is priced at MRP Rs. 1,899/- , discounted price of Rs. 999/-


Here is what the brand has to say about themselves,

SojoS loves the sunshine, natural beauty, and of course – beautiful eyes. We design each of our glasses with comfort, lift, and spirituality in mind to fit your lifestyle. Our name was inspired by the secret in your eyes, coming from the Spanish ‘ojos’ (eyes). There is truly a story behind everyone’s eyes, and we take pride in creating beautiful eyewear that not only protects, but showcases the mystery of your eyes.

We believe…

  • Different eyewear should bring you different emotions, and match your personality and lifestyle
  • ‘The best’ doesn’t always mean the most expensive – everyone has their own preference!
  • Beauty follows you here

You can shop them on Amazon here

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