Voylla Fashion Jewelry Brand: Jewelry for all

Jewlery is forever. It is a girl’s best friend. Women love pretty pearls and beautiful baubles. Voylla.com is an online shopping website that has a wide selection of designer jewelry and accessories for women, men, and kids. Apart from its presence online, it has stores as well in various cities of the country .They have the collection for all kinds of options: ethnic, bridal, casual and formal. For my married readers, they have traditional mangalsutras, toe rings, bangles, statement rings, gold plated and silver earrings, maang tikkas, brooches, etc. They have a section on men’s jewelry as well which includes a wide variety of cufflinks and designer buttons. Plus they have great jewellery options for kids and new born babies. Well you can say #VoyllaAlwaysBeautiful. And the best part is the price tag on the jewelry. They are just in our budget range. What can be more better than to have the jewelry which is pocket friendly too!!

About the event

To bring Men’s fashion jewlery in light and promote their brand as well, they have organized an event which was held in Mosaic hotel (noida).

Anchor and Roadies season 1 winner Ranvijay was present at the promotional event.

He told about us the mens jewelry, how he dresses up and what he thinks about fashion especially about carrying men’s jewlery .The event was well organized with proper seating arrangement , tasty snacks and well management.

Interview Session

Finally, this was the moment we all waited for. the time has come when we can ask some questions to our favorite and have the opportunity to know about his take on fashion. There was also a proper interview session by the host where RANVIJAY answered the questions related to fashion jewlwery or some questions related to his experience in roadies, splitsvilla or other tv shows.


When the session ended, they gifted a beautiful Voylla jewlery (earrings) to girls and some fashion jewelry to the boys as a souvenir. The event was amazing.

Picture credits: R4r team member Tanya Chouhan

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