Domino’s All New EDV offer #99reasonswhy!!!

For all those busy weekdays or the lazy weekends, Domino’s introduces its all new Everyday Value offer where you can avail 2 regular pizzas starting @99 each. Bored of the manias of that range or 2 regular pizzas are too much on your pocket, try the EDV offer. While the regular EDV starts with 2 pizzas @99 each, medium pizzas start from 199 each, with varied toppings.

Team R4Review was sent 2 regular-sized Dominoes’s pizzas . Cheesy soft and tasty crust, with better toppings and sauce make of Californian tomato made our weekday. For a weekend hangout with friends or midweek lunch at your workplace or just for those days when you don’t want to cook and crave for pizza, now you have #99reasonswhy you should visit Domino’s store near you or order online to avail EVD throughout the week.

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