Studio XO bar-South Ex

Hello Everyone!

Recently we’ve visited Studio XO bar,located in South Ex.It is famous for its larger than life interiors,toothsome dishes and refreshing drinks. Here are my personal favourites –


With the very first sip this drink is gonna leave you astonished with its powerpact taste.With an amalgamation of lychee,lime and coconut this drink will surely leave its impact.


Made with the ingredients like orange chunks,orange juice and passion fruit this drink will hit you hard but in a good way.

Sriracha Paneer

To be very honest I am not a very big fan of paneer.But when I had a first bite of this dish I couldn’t resist myself from having more.A must try for sure.

Mac and Cheese balls

This dish was as superp as it sounds.It was light,fresh and delicious.

Other than these I also had Daal makhani,Romanian cheese rolls and lemon basil fish.They were equally good as well.


For Desserts we had tiramisu and blueberry cheesecake.Both of them were equally good.

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