Weekend & Chill – Jordan Lake , North Carolina

Sunset Jordan Lake North Carolina

Life needs a mini vacation everytime Friday ends. But sometimes circumstances do not permit this. October has been a stressful month for me due to patches and different release works at the office. This weekend we had the time to destress ourself. Jordan Lake is a perfect destination for you if you are trying to spend some time for yourself.  We traveled from Morrisville to Jordan Lake in around 35 minutes.

Jordan Lake is an unknown treasure for wanderlusts and photographers. Trust me, it is more beautiful than the Myrtle Beach and the Smokie’s (Okay, not the Smokies). Its scenic beauty made me speechless. My friends looked at the lake and its beauty with their mouth agape. It was indeed picturesque. I lost my Nikon Camera charger during the previous Weekend  & Chill at Gatlinburg a few weeks back.  SO, unfortunately, I couldn’t get my camera.  My friends Nikon Coolpix filled the void for my Nikon D5200 and got into action outright. We captured some magnificent photos and all of them were amazing. We reached Jordan Lake by 4 PM so that we could have enough time to enjoy the sunset.

Its a perfect destination for the family get-together and weekend parties. It’s greenery all around! There is a volleyball circuit and if you are with friends then you could have some fun there scoring points! There are parks located nearby and seats installed. You could bring your own food and gorge on those delicious food prepared by you. There are barbeque grills installed near the chairs and you could use them and spend some quality time with your family.

Jordan Lake is a hub of adventurous sporting activities such as kayaking, sailing, fishing etc.

Weekend calls for chilling because life needs a mini vacation. So, why not visit Jordan Lake and explore its beauty.

Enjoy some of the photos clicked by me and my friends during our weekend stress buster drive. Hah!

Sunset Jordan Lake North Carolina

Sunset Jordan Lake Apex North Carolina Stephen

Cloud door Jordan lake north carolina apex

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