Review of Drivezy – The New Car and Bike Rental in India


Self-drive cars are a big hit in countries like US, Canada, Australia and most of Europe, even in Dubai these days. But India didn’t really have any self-drive car rental options till a few years back. Then came Zoomcar, all set to pave way for car rental services in India. Unfortunately, it was (and even now is) a tad bit out of budget for most. But guess what, now there are plenty of budget options in the market and one of them is!


Why Drivezy? – The Pros


  • Drivezy is a peer-to-peer rental car/bike service in India which is currently prominent in Bangalore, Mumabi, Mysore and Pune. Drivezy currently has the lowest security deposit for any rental car service in India. When I said low, I meant zero to 999. Mostly Drivezy does not charge any security deposit and would change the no deposit account to a low security deposit account only in case of accidents or late due fees.
  • On top of that they also have reasonable base charges for cars depending on the type of car (SUVs, Hatchbacks etc…), age of the driver and anticipated kilometers of a drive. You can actually enter your car type, hours range and tentative kilometers and check the cost of your booking even before booking the car. And Drivezy’s tariff calculator gives you the whole cost breakdown too.
  • Also, they are not just all about cars. Drivezy also has bikes for people who love to rule the roads on powerful two-wheelers!
  • You can also customize your rental plan depending on whether you want to include fuel costs or not and the number of hours you need the car for (Basically it is a combination of Hertz and Zipcar).
  • To make your experience more convenient Drivezy has instant refund on cancellations.
  • Another interesting feature that Drivezy has is ‘split cost’. If you love taking roadtrips with a bunch of your friends, this feature is a boon! One less expense to remember, one less expense to note on your splitwise balance and one less bulk pay to make.


Most Interesting Aspect of their Business Model!


What got me most interested in Drivezy was their win-win strategy! So not only do people who love long drives benefit from Drivezy, people who have cars but don’t really use much can also benefit from Drivezy. Like I mentioned earlier, Drivezy is a peer-to-peer rental service so people can register their cars on and make their car an earning member of their family, while helping people who need cars; and amidst all this Drivezy monitors the vehicles, protects and covers your vehicle and ofcourse provides assistance during the bookings. Basically, Drivezy follows the same business model as that of AirBnB!


What you need to keep in mind right now – Somewhat the cons.


  • Since, Drivezy is new and not as established as some of its counterparts, in most places you do not have on-demand pick up currently.
  • For people travelling to remote areas, Drivezy might not be able to reach you for roadside assistance if needed. In that case, you will have to collect the vehicle documents and arrange alternate transport. Drivezy will recover the vehicle themselves and reimburse the costs for your travel. For more information about this click here.
  • For cars, the minimum duration of booking is 3 hours for ‘with fuel’ package and 12 hours for ‘without fuel’ package, while for bikes it is flat 12 hours minimum.


Offers you can leverage right now!


Along with all the cash-backs listed on their website, Drivezy also gives you a minimum car (Maruti Ritz or equivalent) free for the minimum hours of booking (first 3 hours) if that is your choice for your first booking!

So basically, if you guys are in Bangalore, Mumbai or close by cities and you love driving at your own pace and exploring areas like me, you have a new friend who might be of great help –

P.S. Do check the renter’s clause before booking. And since they have plenty of offers on their site. So, people going to Mysore for Dusherra – you guys can save up massively on transport!



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    Drivezy is a fraud company setup to trick customers. I had made for a booking of Honda City to be picked up from Mumbai Airport on Jan 26th that I had booked 1 month in advance at a reasonable rate of INR 4900 for 2 days and 2 hours. One day prior to the booking date I get an email from drivezy informing that the vehicle Honda City is not available and they have changed my booking to a Tata Bolt. They do not even have the courtesy to call and inform or atleast give a vehicle in the same class. They have not even bothered to apply the reduced rates because the alternate vehicle was of a lower class. I called up the customer service number and they inform me that the vehicle has developed some technical issues. Their modus operandi is to provide higher class vehicles at a higher rate and on the last day change the booking to a lower class vehicle at the same rate. They then give the higher class vehicle at a higher rate to other customers. I have read similar experiences from other customers where they had booked a XUV 500 and on the day of the travel they were informed that the vehicle is not available. Luckily for me I had not paid the entire amount and hence not lost the whole money.

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    Enter the promo code ASHW0N while signing up and get the 1st four hours of your 1st trip free while the 2nd trip comes with 3 hours free and 20% cashback thereafter on rides thereafter. Sign up today on

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