Countdown to Fitness- When Cookware met fitness!

If you want to remain fit and cook healthy, here is one product for you from Vinod Cookware. We attended a meet which displayed some useful products from the brand and here is our say on it.

It was a lovely winter afternoon at Vinod Bloggers Meet – #CountdowntoFitness on #BrunchingSundays held on 17th Dec, Sunday at Veranda, Bandra. Indeed it was a fun interactive afternoon accompanied by lovely food and drinks and enthusiastic bloggers, where everyone got to know each other and had a first-hand experience on the brand- Vinod Cookware. 

The Brunching Sundays, introduced the theme #CountdowntoFitness – It was perfectly scheduled closer to New year’s where everyone tends to talk about their Fitness Goals, Fitness Routine, What they would give up eating etc. But, as a matter of fact, what we miss in our Fitness routine is not just about ‘What we eat’ rather ‘How we cook it’ – Surprised, so was the program, emphasizing on all Fitness routines, Goals which showed what happens when your food you eat is cooked in the right cookware. In sync with the same Vinod also announced the launch of its new products – Marbilo Cookware, Ultimate Cookware, Platinum Series and Stainless Steel Pressure cooker along with Insulated bottles each focused on Healthy Lifestyle.

To start with, there were fun posters all around the venue which creatively but strongly gave the message of how important fitness is in all our lives.

The event started with bringing the Bar open for the guests to enjoy the ambience and network before soaking in the information about Vinod Cookware and its products.

Over the drinks, the bloggers networked and had a tete-a-tete with each other, some of the very famous names in the food blogging community like Geeta Sridhar of Masterchef India fame were present and posed happily for the shutterbugs.

Post the drinks, there was information about how important a role  good cooked food plays in our life. And there were display of some new and innovative products brought by Vinod Cookware in the Indian market that could revolutionize the way we cook our food.

In sync with the same Vinod also announced the launch of its new products – Marbilo Cookware, Ultimate
Cookware, Platinum Series and Stainless Steel Pressure cooker along with Insulated bottles each focused on Healthy Lifestyle.

  1.  Marbilo Cookware – Non stick – Induction friendly

Built in with the durable Marble finish coating, Vinod Marbilo Cookware range is induction friendly and is PFOA Free i.e. it does not release any toxic fumes while cooking at high temperatures, whereas its supreme 5 layer coating and silicone handle stays cool even while food is being cooked. Aiding all your ideas for the perfect celebrations, Marbilo Tawa not only fastens your cooking experience but relish the taste of ‘Fat Free’ and ‘Burn free Platinum Series
One of the first in India ‘Platinum’ with Triple layered construction, superior food grade 18/8 stainless and SS 430 magnetic stainless steel supports Induction cooking. With aluminum encapsulated in bottom and wall, it ensures faster cooking, minimizes sticking with even heat distribution.

2. Stainless steel pressure cooker – Inner lid and outer lid:

The Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is the best choice to make the most of your meal and keep up the safety of your food cooked. With 18/8 stainless steel, the pressure cooker has an additional thick base of aluminum sandwiched bottom for the perfect cooking experience which prevents food from getting burnt!

3. Insulated Bottles:

A series of durable, double-wall, 18/8 stainless steel bottles that keeps water cold as well as hot all day long. These stainless steel bottles are safe, healthy, BPA-free (alternative to plastic) and a durable product that would
last lifetime.

The event was not all about serious information- there was also fun and banter with fun activites and games. Keeping the momentum ongoing, there were Games ( HulaHoop, Guess the Spice, Q&A, 30 seconds push up) designed in
sync to the afternoon which saw huge interaction among the Bloggers. With some fun props and polaroid moments to capture the afternoon did bring a new direction to fitness.

Post these enjoyable activites, the floor was left open for anyone who wanted to know more about Vinod Cookware and their products- the organisers as well as Bloggers connected over the lunch which was so great to see.

Overall, it was very well organised event and highlighted the importamce good cooked plays in our life, specially the role well known brand like Vinod Cookware is playing to help Indians stay healthy and eat healthy after the holiday season. More importantly, Fitness Goals we make which will see its reality when the food we eat is cooked in the right cookware.

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