Italian Cuisines on Train @ “The Pizza Express”

It was the next day after Holi and we at r4review were looking like jokers than professional reviewers as our faces were still painted left, right and center.

After a rejuvenating festival of colors it was time to get back to work.

Italian Cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world and an invite to an Italian food joint is something we are always excited about. This Tuesday the r4review team was invited to treat their taste buds at “The Pizza Express” in Indore.

We always google a bit about the place before visiting it so that we can have a feel of it.
The moment we searched about “The Pizza Express”, our eyes got glued on the toy train which was used to serve food to the customers.


The train concept was transited from the reel to the real world and we were looking forward to have a feel of it.

We reached the restaurant around 2 p.m. and as it is located at one of the most happening places of Indore, Saket Square, we could easily find it.
As we entered the restaurant, Neerav the owner of the place greeted us with a beautiful smile and escorted us to our table.
The main USP of the restaurant, the toy train made its way towards us and we were all wowed by this unique concept.
Neerav explained us about the restaurant, how it started, the concept of the train and the various dishes that were served.



First we tried the Pizza Buffet where you get 16 types of salad, 10 types of chat, 3 types of pizza, Garlic bread, a coke and an ice cream for just INR 200.

The salads were certainly the deal cracker taking your taste buds for a yummilious ride.
In chat we had Sev Puri and Dahi Puri which were also finger-licking good.



Next they took us to the kitchen which was quite clean and hygienic.
The chef demonstrated his skills of making pizza, a heart shape customized pizza was what he made for us. The pizza looked exotic but the taste was not that great. Also one suggestion here was to have the chef wear gloves while preparing the dishes.


The toy train brought the last item for the day, Garlic Bread.
It was fresh and tasted awesome.


So here are the “thumbs up” points for “The Pizza Express”

  • The toy train concept is quite innovative and unique, though the holding space on the train is a little less to serve big pizzas.
  • The Pizza Buffet is pocket-friendly serving a wide variety of dishes for a nominal cost.
  • The service is good.
  • The Staff is amiable, especially the owner who mingles up really well with the customers.
  • This place has a free wifi too 🙂

And here are the “thumbs down

  • Need to improve on the ambiance which Neerav assured us is at the top of his priority list.
  • The taste of pizzas which are the highlight of an Italian Cuisine Restaurant needs to be improved.

Overall it was a great experience.
Light on the pocket, high on varieties, innovative concept and amiable staff with a little bit of improvement on the taste part can make “The Pizza Express” the next big thing in the Italian Cuisine Industry of Indore.

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