Popular essentials bullet:- Wada kolam rice

Popular essential rice

As a parent, all of us are concerned about the quality of the food we want for our children. And along with the quality, we are equally concerned with the nutritional value of it.  After all, “Our diet is our bank account. Good food choices mean the good investment.”

So keeping all the things in mind which may raise questions on our faith for the food that we eat, we went through a lot of products available in the market for consumption. After all, we can think of compromising with the latest fashion trends for once but we cannot think of compromising with our health.

Popular essential brand

One of the basic cereal grains which we have in our day-to-day life is rice. It is one of the most widely consumed staple foods. So we started looking highs and lows for popular rice brands in the market. And here is how we came across the brand “Popular essentials (Bullet)- Wada Kolam rice.”

Popular essential brand

Some of the qualities that tempted me to go for it are:

  • Their long and fluffy grains (long-size grains are one of the parameters to test for quality)
  • The premium quality product.
  • The pearl white seeds.
  • Their purity promise to their consumers.
  • Fssai certified product
  • The smell good aroma that lasts longer to make us feel good for the food that we cook.

Looking at all the aspects, I decided to give it a try.

Popular essential brand

So the day when I received the pack of the rice, I was all excited to cook and try it for once. I am not a great rice-dishes fan but I love the dish “Kabuli” which is a very famous dish. For the perfect flavor and taste, rice needed in the dish needs to be long and nicely cooked.

So I decided to try out this dish from the new packet of rice.

It is cooked in a good amount of onions, potatoes, bread cubes and green chilies. After sautéing them well in oil with some whole spices like kalimirchi, laung etc., all the regular spices are added (red chili powder, salt, and coriander powder) along with the well-blended curd and a pinch of garam masala. The whole gravy is cooked till the curd leaves the oil.

Then, the rice is cooked in a separate bowl along with butter and whole kalimirchi. Please keep your eyes on the flame as the rice should be perfectly cooked. It should be fluffy and each grain should be the individual (non-sticky). The popular essential rice cooked as well as my expectation.

The gravy was also ready to mix with it. So our finger-licking dish was ready to taste.

I served the dish to my family and all they could say for it was “Perfect”. Well cooked rice with a balanced mix of spices made it my recipe of the day.

Popular essential brand

So if you also want to try your hands on some good quality rice, we strongly recommend you to give popular essential’s Bullet: Wada Kolam rice a try!! You will definitely not be disappointed.

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