Happy Bhaag Jayegi series: A fun comedy of errors

Happy Bhaag Jayegi

What is a good idea of having delightful family time? I know, a few of you will definitely vote for movie time. Yes, we do consider watching movies as a good way to spend quality time with our family and the best genre that comes up in our mind for those occasions is the comedy genre. Most of us love to watch comedy movies with our families. So do I. But these days, I rarely find any good comedy movies fit for the entire family. It’s a tough job guys, believe me!

However, one movie series that is perfect for the entire family to enjoy is the Happy Bhag Jayegi series. Even better is the fact that both these movies are available online on ZEE5. The simple yet funny sequences in both the movies have the capability to make anyone roll with laughter. That’s why, both these movies are a great choice to binge watch with your family. Read on to know more about what makes the series go great!

Happy Bhaag Jayegi

Both the movies are based around the concept of comedy of errors which is one of the ways to go about family-friendly comedy. What can be more fun than watching people in unexpected circumstances and behaving like nincompoop!! That’s why, this series has that whoopee element to watch.

If we talk about Happy Bhag Jayegi, it revolves around a bride Happy (Diana Penty) who runs away on her wedding day to marry the love of her life Guddu (Ali Fazal) and later, finds herself in Pakistan. The rest of the movie unveils how she convinces Bilal (Abhay Deol) and his fiancée about her love story and how they help her get married to Guddu but only after dealing with Bagga (Jimmy Shergill). Simple and hilarious puns are abundant in this film and come up from time to time.

Diana Penty has done complete justice to the role of fierce Punjabi girl who doesn’t want to marry any random guy and is ready to face any situation. However, it is Jimmy Shergill who steals the show with his amazing acting skills in the movie. When it comes to comic timings and expressions, Jassi Gill and Piyush Mishra are at their best. Also, Abhay Deol provided the needed support to the storyline with his subtle performance.

If it was India-Pakistan in Happy Bhag Jayegi, the story shifts to India-China in Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi. In the sequel, all the confusion starts when some Chinese gangsters kidnap the wrong Happy (Sonakshi Sinha) in place of picking up Happy (Diana Penty) and her husband Guddu. Eventually, they are escorted to a university to deliver a lecture which they have no idea about. That’s when the fun truly begins. The characters find themselves in situations of which they have no idea about anything and yet trying to tackle it with their not-so-polished skills. That made for some delightful yet quirky comic sequences. One such sequence is when a Chinese translator translates a conversation in such pure Hindi that it leaves us laughing till our stomachs ache. In the sequel too, when Jimmy Shergill, Jassi Gill and Piyush Mishra enter the scene, the pace of film and humour goes to another level.

Happy Bhaag Jayegi

For both the movies, the strengths are the script and dialogues which are written with ardour and innocence. The blend of Punjabi with Urdu & Chinese came out with perfect humour and adds to the complete entertainment package.

Both the films add the flavours of spiciness and tanginess to the situations and come across as a good movie series for the audience to enjoy. So, if you wish to catch the movies online, you can watch Happy Bhag Jayegi and the sequel Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi on ZEE5 now. Grab your bucket of popcorn, make sure to gather all of your family members and enjoy a fun movie time.


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    I have watched Happy Bhag Jaygei and I remember it was great fun. I dont want to miss the sequel to the movie. I am surely catching it up on ZEE5.

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    You are right, we rarely find good family movies these days. I like your review and I would surely watch this series with my family next weekend. Thanks for sharing this one.

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