Mr. Browns – The eatery beyond Breads !!!

It was a pleasant day of North Indian Summer and Noida was all happy about it. I just got a invite for a Mr. Browns visit at Indrapuram opposite shipra sun city , A new venture that has added to the already huge markets that have been there since I lived there in 2012. The thing that makes it apart though is the location which is right across the main road before you just take a left from NH24. It is a small but a crowded place with just 5-6 shops and Mr. Brown attracting most of the crowd from couples to kids to Older people.


The shop is also very neatly organized with everything available from Sandwich to a Pizza to a Bread, cookies and Pastries. They also had variety of cakes available and also have a party Hall for small get together. The bloggers decided to sit outside though as it was pleasant outside as well. The positive that I took from the visit were:

  1. First and foremost “Makhlava”, A sweet that will melt in your mouth. You will like the way it will dissolve when you will put it in your mouth.
  2. The burger I had there was one of the best.
  3. A party hall with very reasonable prices per individual basis.  They also had a painting competition for kids there which was a great success and you can see the paintings once you enter the hall.
  4. The breads and the cookies that were so delicious that you will believe when they say everything on the shelf is just 3 days old and they replace it if it last more than that, I don’t think something that good will stay there for more than 3 days.
  5. A separate tasting corner for someone who would like taste the cookies before they buy it , I like the concept as that would give you a choice before you buy.
  6. The space outside the shop where you can have a tasty lemonade sit relax and enjoy the evening.

If you have taste bud for a sweet and enjoy a relaxing evening this would be your place to visit. One thing more that I forgot they also prepare their own canned drinks apart from the cookies, cakes and the pastries.

Overall a 3.5/5, 3 for the place and .5 for the “Makhlava” !!!!


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