Candy and Green, Breach Candy, Mumbai.

Candy and Green is a casual dining + bar place in Breach Candy that serves Asian, Italian, Continental, and Healthy food. It also has Vegan, KETO, Gluten-Free and Jain options available. The restaurant has tied up with Zomato so Gold Members can avail 2+2 on drinks. They also have various Sunday brunch, Four-Course Lunch, Ladies Luncheon, the ‘Quintessential’ hours on drinks and other ongoing offers that one can avail. In terms of connectivity, the restaurant is at a 2.5 km distance from Mahalaxmi Station so one can take a cab from there.


The restaurant has a contemporary decor and is quite spacious with comfortable seating and enough space on the aisle. The place is well lit with natural light coming through the white and green-tinted glass and also with a line of quirky and contemporary designed lights in the interiors especially the bar section which is the highlight of the place. I loved the vintage wallpaper used having pictures of different wines, make sure to check it out. Overall, the place is well organised, clean and the ambience is splendid.




The manager and the staff members here are friendly and courteous. The table was managed by Mr. Sameer who was swift in his service and recommended us various dishes. Mr. Chetan who handles the bar made us some delectable mocktails and took our feedback as well. Overall, the serving of the dishes was prompt and the staff here is polite.

Here’s the list of dishes/beverages we ordered:-


1.Hydrate: An invigorating watermelon based mocktail, also consisting of rose and basil seeds. The circular watermelon balls and leaves, on a stick, for a garnish adds an elegant touch to the drink.

2.Activated Charcoal Lemonade: This drink is a unique and delectable mocktail having a great blend of ginger lemonade and charcoal powder that leaves a piquant and refreshing after taste. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

P.S. The mocktails were served with steel straws, and not the plastic ones, which was really impressive. More restaurants should follow this.


Crunch Thai Salad: The well presented and healthy Thai salad was a great start to the luncheon. The salad bowl comprised of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chickpea, crispy tortilla chips, purple cabbage, sliced bell peppers, and kale. One has the option to also mix creamy peanut sauce which came along in a small bowl. Though the lettuce tasted a bit sharp, the overall taste with the mix of peanut sauce was delicious.


1.Loaded Hummus: This is by far the most flavourful and creamy hummus I’ve tasted in Mumbai. The quantity of hummus was adequate; it was topped with pomegranate, feta cheese, scallion, and crunchy nuts which made it flavorsome. It was served along with two soft pita bread made at Candy and Green itself. A morsel of bread wrapped in hummus will literally melt in your mouth; it’s just too good. Overall, the scrumptious dish was the highlight of the luncheon.

2.Kale Chip Chaat:  The fried, crunchy and crispy kale topped with yogurt, moong, pomegranate, tamarind sauce; garnished with ‘sev’ and coriander, made for an absolutely toothsome dish. Again, a unique and well-presented dish which you should definitely taste. Props to the chef for this one.


Superfood Burrito Bowl: The goodness of  Mexican style beans, quinoa rice with corn, a delish mix of chopped bell peppers, shredded kale leaves and the garnishing of cheese is sure to satisfy your taste buds. It’s perfectly cooked and is quite filling. The best way to savor this healthy dish is to mix it well first. The Superfood Burrito Bowl is definitely a stand out dish in the main course and I’d highly recommend it.


Cheat Day Brownie Sundae: Since their elaborate menu comprises mostly of healthy food, a cheat day dessert option here is definitely a once in a while sinful indulgence. It’s served in a huge mug filled with luscious chunks of brownie, covered in a generous amount of chocolate sauce, wafer stick chocolate and topped with vanilla icecream along with sprinklers. It’s a dessert delight which is rich in taste and definitely the best way to end the luncheon. Highly recommended!

In conclusion, the amazing ambience, splendid service, and scrumptious food are sure to make your luncheon/ dining experience worthwhile. The place has an abundance of offers and options to choose from which makes it a must-visit with friends and family!

Overall rating: 5/5

Smakelijk Eten.


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