Delhi Pub Exchange by Smaaash, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

I went to Delhi Pub Exchange on a Saturday night, a few days ago with a friend.

The entire experience was average because the food was not up to the mark, while we enjoyed the arcade games, VR games and bowling.

Smaaash is a great place to hang out with friends because it offers amazing games and experiences, unlike other arcades. The quality of the games are top-class and the variety is great as well.


The theme is like a typical gaming zone, i.e. neon lights in a dark room. The seating arrangement is great too because not only does it allow you to watch your friends playing while you enjoy a drink, but are also not placed in between anything, i.e. not abrupt.


The food experience at Delhi Pub Exchange was not good. We had high expectations because the price point is on the higher end for both, the games as well as the food. We ordered- Chicken Tikka Pizza, Honey Chilly Potato, Amritsari Machchi, Chicken Platter, Cheese Garlic Bread, Chicken Spring Rolls, French Fries, Chilly Chicken, Ice Cream and Gulab Jamun. Apart from Gulaab Jamun, Cheese Garlic Bread, Chilly Chicken and Amritsari Machchi, nothing was as good as expected. The fish was incredibly soft, the quantity of all the food items were above average, while most of them lacked appropriate spices.


We ordered one LIIT and one Red Sangria at first. The taste of the drinks were good, but can be improved a little. Then, we ordered Blue Lagoon and Pineapple Crunch, and they tasted great as well. So, we were quite happy with the drinks of the place. The bar is like the stock market, so the rates fluctuate every minute.


Although our server was polite and understanding, he wasn’t quick or sensible about the fact that water needs to be served before anything. When we asked for water, he went and brought it after 15-20 minutes along with the food. It was really frustrating then.


The place was not as packed as you would expect on a Saturday night, but it was good for us because we didn’t have to wait for anyone.


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