Adlabs Imagica : Review

Everything starts with a wish and Imagica is the reality of wishes. Brimming with charm of everything magical and unparallel fantasy-realities, it is one place that has a ton of things to offer. From the landscapes which appear to be straight out of fairy tales to thrilling rides, it is impossible to not get completely soaked in the wonderland of Imagica.


We started our day with SnoMagica which is the largest snow park in India, it was absolutely chilling. We slide down icy slopes in toboggans and rafts were also there just in case,  there was a rocky snowy mountain to climb, a snow castle with of course big huge icy sculptures, a dance floor to get that blood running in minus 5 degree Celsius. And the huge igloo, I have always wanted to be in one and I finally did. I almost didn’t want to come out of the snow world but I had to!


We only did a tour of the Aqua Imagica as we were short of time.


Though we didn’t try any rides here but from the info the tour guide gave us and from the look and feel, we can conclude the below -:
1. There are lot of rides which are suited for people of all age segments.
2. If you are expecting rides with lot of twists, turns and drops, you won’t be disappointed.
3. Apart from the general attractions like Aqua Disc and Wave pool with sea like waves there are quite a good no of rides which offer you a great thrilling experience.


Then we went to ‘I for India’ show where I fell in love with India from a totally different angle! It gave a glider/flying experience and gave me a trip of complete India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Glaciers to Rajasthan.

Then we went to Nitro- India’s biggest, baddest roller coaster! It is a steel floorless Coaster that reaches a staggering height of 132 feet (40 m) and a maximum speed of 65.2 miles per hour (104.9 km/h). I kept my eyes open during most of the time of the ride and it felt like a mistake then but now it’s the best thing ever. Just a tip – If you are scared of heights (What! I am not scared of heights! Ha ha what a joke, I am not, yes I am not.) then don’t let your fear overpower you, just go and ride that thing. You are going to be so thankful later. Trust me.

Well, after all this one will definitely get tired so we had a filling lunch at the castle or The Imagica Capital as they call it. Then there is Arrmada- The ship as well with a huge offerings range of snacks and beverages. And many other food joints to satisfy your tingling tongues.




Apart from Nitro there are many thrill rides like ‘Dare 2 Drop’, Deep Space (Which I absolutely loved), Scream Machine, Gold rush. Then there are many theme rides like ‘Rajasaurus River Adventure’, Salimgarh – The haunted fortress etc.


There are many theme shows and real experience contributor like Save the Pirate where you have to row your boat till you rescue your pirate friend! Or Mambo Chai Chama- Crazy Tea Cups, Motion Box Theatre, Mr. India show in animation along with immersive motion simulation technology, Wrath of the Gods. And many more.


Imagica has something to offer to every age group, there are many merchandise outlets, candy stores, relaxing rides, thrill rides, fun rides, jaw-dropping awesome rides, chill-out joints etc. What I really loved about everything is the detailing and thought process behind each and every little thing in the park, from every wall to little pebbles to flowers, just everything is thought through which adds up to the excitement level.


After a long day one can chill by the pond side which gives a spectacular view of the castle and the complete park. By the evening they have the biggest entertainment extravaganza- The Grand Parade. After which they have the night laser show which will blow your mind. One day is certainly not enough to experience it all so I definitely am going to go again to Imagica Adlabs.


We at R4Review recommend Imagica to everyone as it is a ‘must-experience’ theme park in India.




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