Tata Hexa Test Drive : Review

Thanks to Indiblogger and Tata Motors, last weekend I was in Hyderabad to test drive the all new lifestyle vehicle from Tata,”Hexa”.


There are 2 variants to it, Automatic and Manual.
I got the opportunity to try my hands on both of them and here is my say about the SUV.

On first look Hexa appears as an uplifted version of Aria but there is lot more in it in terms of features, design and comfort which sets a much bolder impression.

SUV are known for their macho looks and Hexa doesn’t disappoint on that front.

The front, rear and side profile of the vehicle is quite attractive and distinct.

19 inch alloy wheels are muscular and tough.

Dashboard looks good though nothing different as compared to other SUVs.

The use of premium material can be sensed when you have the feel of the seats which are quite comfortable.

There is enough boot space in the car.


The steering wheel looks posh and is equipped with multi functional switches. The front centre console houses infotainment system, AC controls and climate control buttons.

There are 3 levels of sitting arrangement, two seats on the front and second row and the third row has a bench seat with enough space at all rows.


Infotainment System
Infotainment System is packed with multiple intelligent features such as playback via FM/AM, USB, iPod, voice recognition, rear view camera, navigation and other on screen display facilities.


Tata Hexa houses credible 10 JBL speaker system.
The sound at the highest volumes is quite powerful, clear and noise free.

The infotainment system can also be integrated with Smartphone apps which include Navimaps App, Juke-Car App and other Tata Smart Remote and Manual Apps.


Safety Suit
Tata Hexa comes with 6 airbags.
The ground clearance of 200 mm is quite good for a SUV.
It also comes with anti braking and anti skidding technology.
Central locking, parking sensors and driver’s belt alert are among the common safety features.


Mileage -:
Mileage of both the versions should be around 14-15 Km/L.

Automatic Version
Driving an automatic version feels normal until you put the Sports mode on.
On Sports mode you get an amazing pick up and feel of driving a sports car.

140 km/h mark was touched but there were no signs of jerk or shaking. I was amazed by the control and stability one could experience at such a high speed.

Overall drive was quite smooth and comfortable. Even on the potholes and rough terrain the car was butter smooth.

The only thing where I could find a bit of room for improvement is the flexibility with the Steering Wheel whose handling can be made a notch smooth.

Manual Version
The manual Hexa is not that great as the Automatic one, with issues centered around the gearbox.
The gearbox is a bit notchy especially when you shift from 4 to higher gears.

The USB of manual variant is the “Super Drive Modes” system.


There are basically 4 different modes available which you can choose from.

  1. Auto Mode
    This mode is more suited for normal driving conditions.
  2. Comfort Mode
    This mode is best suited when you are driving on highways.
    Cruise Control option is also there in both the versions.
  3. Dynamic Mode
    When you want to turn Hexa into a sport car, this is the mode to switch to.
    This is where it achieves the max power and acceleration.
  4. Rough Road Mode
    This mode comes really handy when you want to explore the challenging off-road driving conditions.


I clocked 160 km/h here and was really satisfied by the control and stability as in the Automatic version.

Off Road Experience

The true strength of a SUV shows up in the Off Road driving and man…! I was blown away after experiencing it in Hexa.

It moved swiftly on ice. Driving on a 21 degree slanted surface looked quite comfortable.
Whether it was uphill or downhill drive, Hexa proved how powerful the beast is.
Acceleration and Braking system were exceptional which were tested on a Sandy surface.
Finally driving on a terribly uneven surface is the real test of any vehicle for the Indian road conditions and to my amazement Hexa performed really well.


The new lifestyle vehicle from Tata, Hexa, is suited for people from all walks of life.
The masculine body, attractive and classy exteriors and interiors, power packed engine, super drive modes and loaded features makes it a player to look out for in the SUV world.

I found the Automatic version better than the manual one as the notchy gearbox in the manual version created some trouble while shifting the gears from 4 to higher levels.

If priced properly which should be around 12-16 lakhs, this SUV is going to be the next big thing for Tata Motors and will take the SUV world by storm.

Rating -: starstarstarstar(4/5 stars)

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