Let’s Nachos, MG Road, Gurugram


The location of the place is great, i.e. MGF Metropolitan Mall, MG road, Gurgaon. It is not a brick-n-mortar store, but just a small, temporary stall.

We were offered a bottle of Thumps Up while our order was being prepared.

I haven’t eaten a better plate of loaded veg cheese nachos than this place. They are redefining the meaning of ‘loaded’ and it’s worth every dime. The nachos were damn amazing because of the various flavors that they had. Unlike most places, they were not miser with their serving size or their toppings, which made the experience more pleasant.

Apart from presenting the nachos in a beautiful way, they are focusing on inventing new dishes from them as well. The variety of nachos that they have is quite surprising and they even have many colored nachos with different tastes. They are also trying to invent flavored nachos, like butter chicken, rajma and cholle.

The chicken Keema nachos was fresh, crunchy and loaded with flavours and it was every bit that I could expect. I saw the keema cook right in front of me, which was a proof that everything that they serve is fresh. Don’t forget to try their nachos desserts because that is something that you may have never eaten ever because the salty crunch with ice cream is more delicious than pretty.

They need to work on their speed because although everything was delicious, the serving time was longer than expected. Their menu is extensive, but they don’t have everything available, which portrays a negative impression. Moreover, the staff is quite friendly, but it cannot compensate for all the negatives.

Wait to try them out in all upcoming food festivals and I can surely say that it’s a must visit.


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