New Mother Sparsh’s Unscented wipes: A soothing touch for our babies

Mother Sparsh Unscented wipes

As a mother, we are always concerned about our baby. We always search for the best for him/her. And when it comes to the their skin care, we never take any chance. Their silky soft skin needs extra care and protection. So when I heard about Mother Sparsh recent developments, one of India’s best wipes brands, I was really looking forward to their newly launched premium version of water based baby wipes.
As a parent, I also wanted to know what’s better in these wipes and this is what I experienced.


What is the first thing that come into mind whenever we choose any baby products? For me, the first thing that I see is the ingredients list; whether it has any harmful or harsh constituents or not. These wipes do not contain harmful ingredients like alcohol & paragons and hence this prevents skin-related issues like dryness and rashes etc. Also because of having 99% pure water content, these wipes helps keeping the skin moist.


We, as an adults, might look for fragrance in our wet towels but the little munchkins have very sensitive skin and it would be great if it can be ket away from even mildest of chemicals in form of scent. Hence, I always prefer unscented wipes over the scented ones. These newly launched baby wipes by Mother Sparsh are fragrance-free and hence, in my opinion, are the best for babies with even extra sensitive skin.

Mother Sparsh Unscented wipes


To clean any of the baby parts, we need the best fabric (cotton or something equivalent). As a mom, the other concerns about baby wipes is the material of which they are made of. Our child skin should feel good after the cleaning. Mother Sparsh’s new baby wipes uses medical grade fabric (plant – based) which makes them go smooth on their skin without the risk of rash or other skin problems. Now, we can relax while using the wipes on our little ones.

Mother Sparsh Unscented wipes

Size and thickness:

Do you also think while cleaning the messy poop that it would have been great if the wipes would have been a little extra thicker or wider? That would have made it easy to do the tough task. These new wipes by Mother Sparsh put in our hands that extra easiness in form of extra thickness. The #PremiumBabyWipes are 3x thicker than the ordinary ones and one wipe is sufficient for easy clean. After all, mom’s hand should also feel good while cleaning the bottom.


The new age moms need new age packaging. If we are using one wipe at a time, we would not like if the water content of the other wipes evaporates in the meanwhile because of lousy packing. We need the last wipe to be like the first one and that calls for a lock and seal packaging. These wipes comes in a moisture-lock plastic lid that keeps the moisture locked inside till we don’t take it out.

So with all these great features, the new Mother Sparsh water based bay wipes comes in a pack of 72 just at an affordable price of INR 299 each.As the brand has mother in its name, it not only thinks of just our baby but also of the environment. These cottony soft baby wipes are not just skin safe but keeps the environment clean as well. Whenever we discard one of them, they get decomposed easily and does not harm the mother nature. So these wipes are biodegradable in nature as well. One mother giving back to another mother!!

Mother Sparsh Unscented wipes

So I am really looking forward to all the moms who give these wipes a try and share their opinions and experience about them. I would be happy if they feel satisfied. Enjoy the motherhood!!

You can have a look at all the details over their website.

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    I too loved this new version of Mother Sparsh wipes. I use them to remove my basic makeup and keep them on the go. These are super soft and full of water. And the best part about them is that these are baby friendly.

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    I Have been hearing so much about these wipes in last week actually have fallen for it . You have listed down all the details so amazing that is . These wipes are like blessings to motherkind . I will definitely buy them now

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