House of Cards : Season 5, Episode 1- Review

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House of Cards Season 5: Episode 1 (Chapter 53) Review

The first episode of the much-awaited series of Netflix “HoC” is finally on air and it is like the unveiling of quintessential exordium of a thrilling drama in the true sense. The episode is just an introduction of what the current season has in the bucket for the audience. More story, more action, more conspiracy, more drama, more of the stuff that viewers would really eye on. But before you make a start with it, prithee, readers, watch all the seasons (from 1 to 4) to get the real kick out of it.

As you start to watch the series’ fifth season, your mind automatically starts to be the part of the action.  Season five is the first of its type without the creator Beau Willimon, and that makes it a bit of different from all the earlier seasons.

P.S. – Spoilers Ahead

House of Cards is known for giving the experience of binge-watching to its viewers and the show-makers tried to do their damnedest to continue the legacy in this season too. Making Claire do the shtick of her husband for monologue in the very first seconds of the episode is one of the assays on this way.

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House of Cards is always about power. The American politics is portrayed in its worse shape and coming at the time when you can relate it with some of the real world elements is what we can call a lucky timing for the makers. The motto of shadowing the real problem behind a framed conspiracy at a prodigious level is a well-played trick by White House residents. The role of media is limited which is just being a communicating medium between the people and the congressman, a little difficult to grasp in this era of the internet. You cannot deny the part played by the social media on today’s political stage or take it for granted. It is the virtual dais for the leaders.

The intentions of the Underwoods’ are clear or I should rather say ironically dark and black. They have the power and they use it for gaining more. The moment Claire sees into the eyes of Mrs Masterson and makes her feel that her sons’ life is at their mercy, their vanity for power and braggadocio can easily be perceived.

Season four had climaxed at the murder of Mr Rich; the one side of coin and revelation of corruption rooted in Frank’s administration by Hammerschmidt’s article as soon as you flip the coin. The Underwoods’ uses the tried and tested strategy of fear over rising voice to distract the attention from a real problem to the hoax designed by them. With the public’s support waning, Frank repeatedly urges for a declaration of war against ICO (the ISIS analogue) in a bid to create fear and retain his presidency.

The depiction of the crowd outside the White House with the boards of justice and faith in President relates the people’s blindness for what is going inside the house and the makers’ assumption of moulding their thoughts with the false set of examples set by the influencers. I guess the real common man is not so common and casual. He/she has his/her sources for the truth which is somehow accessible to him/her. The daughter of Mr Rich identifies with such real person who listens and analyses about what is going on and then recites in the ear of the President “ I Wish You die and she ……….”.

With elections closing in, the Republican candidate, Will Conway remains a daunting opponent for Frank, but with the first lady Claire helping her husband in his bid for the second term and both the Underwoods proving tacit manipulators to retain the power, the game seems to be a bit tilted towards the Underwoods.

As compared to previous seasons, Frank Underwood seems to be much more composed and on target. He is quite calculative about everything he has to say.
My favourite character of the show, Claire Underwood continues to dominate the season and lure the audience with her charm and authority.

As the season grows the mystery behind few questions will be really interesting.
Will the dice thrown by the Underwoods’ be able to keep them safe from the bite of opponents in the game of steps and snakes of politics?  Is there any possibility of gyp by the Claire or the junior staff members to get the adrenaline rush of the power? The overseas connection of ICO was drafted for a long term purpose. Who will be benefited at the end?

With the season 5 starting on a firm note, this compelling piece of televisual drama will unfold the mysteries of the above questions in the coming episodes, so readers keep yourselves glued to Netflix.

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Another awesome news -:
Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café! #HOConZCafe
So Happy Watching..!!

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