DS Café – A healthy, trendy and authentic restaurant of today’s Parisians.

This review was done by our team member Anil Bhovad fromParis.

A healthy food for a wealthy mood!

What do you imagine, when you hear ‘Paris’? A city of lights, a city of romance & love, a city of arts & fashion! Different people, different views! Being in Paris for more than 5 years, I would arguably add to the list, ‘Paris – a city of delicious gastronomy’! Starred hotels, bistros, creative cooking, quality and variety account for Paris’s reputation! Add to this, I am a foodie and I love to explore different restaurants and cafés all the time. It is not easy to keep on eating all this delicious food and stay healthy at the same time. However, on one of such occasions, I discovered the DS Café – A healthy, trendy and authentic restaurant of today’s Parisians.

Review of DS Cafe

A contemporary tea room, the DS Café offers a healthy and gourmet menu. The flavors explode in the mouth thanks to a selection of original products. The DS Café, which has become a landmark for healthy food lovers, offers a modern and pleasant place to meet for lunch or simply enjoy the desserts accompanied by the cocktails prepared from the fresh fruits! “A HEALTHY FOOD FOR A WEALTHY MOOD!”

I went at the DS Café during a lunchtime. On weekdays it gets very busy in the afternoons, hence I went there before the noon. They welcomed me with a fresh cocktail – ‘ANTIOXYDANT’ – an Antioxidant drink which is a combination of squeezed apple, acai, blueberries and banana. It is definitely way better & refreshing than the usual Coldrinks or Cocktails that we are used to drink & of course, healthy too!

The ambience was relaxed as well as energetic at the same time. During the time I was there, I could see a long waiting queue outside, which was still growing when I left after 1 hour of relaxed and royal lunch at DS Café.


On the menu card, you will see lots of varieties & many new combinations of various healthy ingredients. The DS Café offers a wide choice of dishes, juices and snacks to provide you with the nutrient needed for optimal functioning of your body. You definitely need a help from the all-time smiling & bilingual (languages spoken: French, English, ++) attendants while choosing your dishes, as it is very tempting to choose from the available fresh combinations. They are more than happy to help you willingly.

I directly ordered a main course after the attendants explained me the different dishes – from its original products (edamame, goji berry, Chia seeds …) to its signature snacks (avocado toasts, acai bowls, Italian piadinas, Club sandwiches, etc…) – I chose ‘LA CRISPY QUINOA’ which is their signature healthy dish made up of – Spinach sprouts, green salad, organic quinoa, chopped & grilled chicken, avocado, crispy onions and honey sauce. I found it very healthy & delicious at the same time. For someone who is on a diet, you don’t need to count the calories intake. 😉

As per my habit, instead of desert I asked for a café expresso, however, after talking to the attendants I was convinced to try their ‘Café Gourmand’ which comes with 3 mini desserts: a mini acai bowl, a DS light and a chocolate mousse, definitely worth to try at least once if you are in Paris.

Now well established in the Parisian food culture, the DS Café brand includes 4 restaurants and healthy tea rooms (in Paris 8, Paris 16, Paris 17, and Boulogne Billancourt) which will surprise you with a culinary experience like no other, thanks to the many choices on the menu card which are also suitable for the vegetarians and vegans.

‘Bon Appétit!’

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