Book Review|NRI, Now Returned to India

NRI : Now, Returned to India

by Amar Vyas

The story of riches to rags.


A fast paced and gripping story about Amol Dixit who returns to India after almost a decade to spend some time with his aging parents. Things however unfolds in an entirely different manner for this carefree young chap. The connect to the book is pretty quick and commendable.

The narration of this book is pretty gluing. One would  love the way Amar Vyas has written the conversations and one can actually imagine that taking place in the head. Narratives like these are pretty rare. And it is very easy to relate to what has been written because he portrayed the two things really well – India, as we know it and Indians, as we know them.

Theme and Setting
Amol, the main protagonist of the story is a happy and carefree man residing in Chicago and decides to come back to India for a short span of time. He has been living there over a decade but li’l did he know that returning back would not only mean adjusting to the varied culture but also the lifestyle and the pathetic work life in India.
The best part about this book is that the contrast in everything and aspect has been brought out really well.


The challenges of returning back from a well settled and high paying job to finding yourself sleeping on the streets, being left by the woman of your life and still trying to hold on to what seems right – they all have been covered in a manner in which the readers can relate to. As the story unfolds, you will admire the author even more for writing the story in the manner he has.

Settling down to the Indian work environment is difficult. And we all know that. I loved the way the difficulties that Amol faces while adjusting in the non-progressive work environment in India has been described. The way the relationship that Amol shares with his parent has been described is commendable too. And finally, the loss of the woman of his life and then seeking his mom’s help to find him a wife is the most interesting part of the story according to my understanding.

The way the story has been woven is just great.

My Opinion
The story has been inspired by real events but just don’t look for the rationality and practicality in the story. Read it for fun. Dramatization is necessary to build up a story, however, life is full of uncertainties and for all you know that it might have just happened!

The book can not be put down before you finish it up. Not a very intelligent novel that will keep you wondering but yes, a fun novel to read when you just want to unwind.

I guess the NRIs might identify well with it. For the rest of us, yes, we will connect to the unfair environment portrayed in the book.

Publisher : Shree Gajanan Consultants
Price: INR 260
Pages: 290
R4review Ratings: 3.5/5

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    Hello Sushmita,

    Thanks for your review, appreciate the feedback on the content as well as the writing particularly because as I am in the process of writing the sequels!


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