Butter Kitchen, Dlf Phase 1, Gurugram


I ordered a delivery from this place for the first time and although the delivery was more than an hour late, the food calmed me down properly.

My order:

– [ ] Paneer Tikka- The paneer could’ve been softer; however, the flavors were right on point.
– [ ] Kadhai Paneer- The gravy was not oily, the paneer was soft & flavorful and it was perfectly spicy.
– [ ] Tandoori Roti- It was cooked perfectly; soft, still a little crunchy.
– [ ] Rumali Roti- The size of the roti was good, the texture soft and the salt in the dough was apt. You can even consume it with the chutney.

The food arrived with two small containers of mint chutney and caramelised onions each.

Each and every item was nicely packed in high-quality plastic containers and everything arrived in a polybag which was creatively used to market the brand.

They need to work a little on the delivery aspect because I was expecting the order on time. Had I received the delivery on time, I would’ve blindly given a 5, but until next time now. A few minutes here and there is fine, but an hour cannot be justified; especially when it isn’t even on a public holiday. I hope they take such criticism positively and work on their flaws to make sure that it doesn’t repeat.

Rest, I cannot criticize the food much because it was lovely.

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