Barcode, Dwarka 9, New Delhi

I visited Barcode a couple of days before Halloween and found that the ambience was customised to enhance the feel of the festival. “The Halloweeny experience at Barcode was pretty spooky”. The restaurant was very nicely decorated as per the occasion, along with skulls hanging from the ceiling and scary centrepieces on every table.

The food was quite delicious, presented in an appealing manner and the best part is that everything was served on time. Similarly, the cocktails were amazing too. They had the right blend of alcohol and juices, and I can say I returned happily tipsy.

One of the drawbacks is the fact that the staff and food service needs improvement because the servers were a little confused about the food and drinks (my order). The other one is that they should use less ketchup on everything; from honey chilly potatoes to chicken drumsticks.

The ambience is perfect for a dinner with friends or that special someone because. even though the location of the venue is not too appealing, the food, beverages and ambience are. I have no doubt about that!

My list of must-haves are mentioned below:

  • Piri Piri Chicken
  • Jamican Burritos
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Chicken Burger
  • LIIT
  • Caprioska
  • Honey Chilli Potato
  • French Fries

 Yes, they have managed to make the list of must-haves with very usual dishes and cocktails, but trust me when I say this, these must-haves are worth a try.

I hope this will help you in finding a decent place in Dwarka and my best wishes for a lovely experience are always with you!

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