Chaubara 601:Experience Punjab in Mumbai

India, a country known for its diversified culture, presents endless varieties of food and beverages among which Punjabi food puts a cherry on the cake.
‘Chaubara 601’ an amazing rooftop restaurant in Thane west with astounding interiors and dazzling ambiance can undeniably fulfill your craving for Punjabi cuisine.


Right from the point when you enter the premises till the time you wave a goodbye to to this blissful place you can experience strong reflection of Punjab and north India.


The welcome drink ‘Dhaniya jeera water’ was absolutely invigorating.
‘Tawa aloo chat’ as the name sounds had slices of potatoes tossed in masala.
In veg starters we were served Bharwan Mushroom which was quite delectable and were amazingly garnished.
Paneer tikka was crisp and Aloo Nazakat really had distinct flavor.
In Non veg starters Kasturi kebab and Jhinga tandoor had rich luscious taste.  Personally Jhinga tandoor (prawns) were really mouth watering.



In the main course there were numerous options like Chole Pahadganji, badi lehsooni, Palak Paneer Zafraani which were as fancy as their names.Though Mutton Kakori and Mutton chop had conventional taste. They had rich variety in bread like Missi roti , Laccha paratha ,Lal mirchi ka kulcha and lachha da naan. All of it were flavored and different from each other. I will definitely recommend Lal mirchi ka kulcha to try once.


Kache gosht ki biryani had the regular taste. Makai Mutter pulav was the appetizing. Peas, corns, nuggets made the rice even more flavorous

Among desserts Paan bahar icecream was pleasant. Sunehre papite ka halwa was really sumptuous served with sugary Rabdi da Paratha.


Ambience : 4.5/5

Food : 3.5/5


Be the occasion is to go on a date or its a family outing this place serves any of your purpose of going out and having an amazing time with your people .They have extensively worked on their ambiance and interiors which you can definitely make you aww struck.

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