Aami Asbo Phirey – The Love Saga

Pic credits: gdn8.com

The one beautiful Bengali song that caught our heart and mind in repeat play mode recently was:
Aami Asho Phirey..
Aami Asho Phirey..
Love has always been an unexplored bunch of emotions.Sometimes love makes you, sometimes it breaks you.Sometime it makes a relationship weak and sometimes it makes the relationship more strong.
This Bengali song took us to a painful yet soothing roller coaster of emotions.
How beautifully it captured the intensity of love.
We felt so much of emotions when the character says :
Maybe suddenly third world war might happen.Maybe there will be an acid rain suddenly. Maybe the brightness of the sun will turn into grey..
Maybe the himalayas will melt someday..
Still.. I will return to your neighbourhood. You Keep standing at yout verandah.. I will return..
A soothing music complementing such beautiful metaphors , it’s just the song that every person who lives and believes in love should keep in the playlist.
And no wonder, this song is gaining such a great response and what we observed , there is no wonder if this becomes a new love sensation.
This songs strongly portrays that love never diminishes , no matter what happens in life, if the love is true, that love is here to stay forever.
All we would like to end is with the feel that song gave us :
I will come back.. I will come back.. Whether you are standing in your verandah or not.. I will come back.
You can find the links below to enjoy this beautiful song :

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