3 Non-Wedding Events to Use a Professional DJ

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Disc Jockeys (DJs) are fantastic performers who can offer a lot to many different kinds of events. While most people think of DJs as simply wedding performers, they can fit into many different roles for many different events. A good DJ can really get a crowd pumped up, making the excitement almost palpable. Even if you’re not looking to electrify a crowd, deciding to book a DJ can be a great way to boost an atmosphere and improve the overall mood. That being said, DJs aren’t made for all events. So outside of weddings, what type of events should you consider hiring a DJ for? Here are three non-wedding events to use a professional DJ at. 


One of the most common non-wedding uses for a DJ is for parties. A professional DJ can offer a lot of value to a party setting, much like how they can add value to a wedding reception. Professional DJs know how to get a crowd excited and dancing, which is sorely needed at parties. A good DJ will be able to get most of the party on the dance floor, making everybody dance like nobody’s watching. A DJ will likely play a mix of club hits and dance floor anthems with a smattering of personal requests. You might think that you can have a similar effect by simply pairing your phone to a speaker and playing your favorite playlist, but you are sorely mistaken. A DJ can offer a wide variety of fresh mixes and throwback favorites, breathing life into a party and making it extremely memorable.


Another common non-wedding event for professional DJs are dances. For many of the same reasons why DJs are hired for parties, they are also considered for dances. Professional DJs can cut and mix songs that can get people out of their seats and onto the dancefloor, which is obviously extremely helpful at a dance. However, one of the most underrated aspects of a professional DJ is their ability to properly identify an audience and play relevant songs. Dances are usually for young adults in high school and college celebrating events like prom and homecoming, and a professional DJ should be able to play songs that this age range can enjoy.

Corporate Events 

A type of event that you might not consider a professional DJ for at first is a corporate event. Corporate events are often thought of rigid and stuffy, which at first glance seems like the opposite of the environment a DJ would thrive in. However, a DJ doesn’t necessarily always have to be pumping people up and getting them to dance, as they can instead provide great background music for the event. As the night winds down, alcohol is consumed, and important conversations wrap up, guests can then let loose on the dance floor. At this time, the DJ would assume their traditional role of getting the crowd excited and playing songs that will get people going. Having a DJ at a corporate event can be a fantastic way to let your employees have some fun and let loose, something that they’ll surely appreciate. 

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