A day at Rosewalk healthcare

Hellloooo! All the lovely people out there.How you guys are doing? I hope you all are having a really great weekend.So few days back I was invited to a women blogger’s meet conducted by Rosewalk Healthcare.It’s a luxury hospital located at Pansheel park,New Delhi.

The event started with a discussion on “Issues related with women’s health” by Dr.Loveleena Nadir.She was very open and inspiring.She told as various aspects related to a women’s health and how to fight them back.It was a very informative and an eye opener session.

Post this session with Dr.Lovleena Nadir we had this unique “sweat free exercise” session with a celebrity fitness expert Mrs.Charu Shekhar.She was very sweet and cheerful.She even taught us various exercises which we can perform simply while sitting at home.

Following these two hospitable  sessions it was time for the lunch which was prepared by non other than The Lodhi which was made under the guidance of head nitritionist Ms.Rashi.Every item served to us was very tempting yet so wholesome.From Quinoa salad to white & red sauce pasta to mouth watering chocolate pastry everything was on point.

Post lunch we had this amazing session on “Foods which we should include in our diet”.It was by their head Nutritionist Ms.Rashi. She told us the relevance of superfoods and their equally good substitutes in our lives.

After all these astonishing sessions we went on a hospital tour.It had number of rooms and each of them was named and themed after a Rose.Every room was well equipped with everything a patient and her family needed.From LCD tv to coffee making machine,from a larger than life wardrobe to autmatic curtains it had it all.The hospital also had a presidential suite with a separate waiting room and a 24X7 working nurse station.It also had number of services for its patients like a kids play area,Gourmet cafe,Boutique & a gift shop.Including a sumptuous in room dining and an in room spa & salon services.Everything you can think about was there in that hospital.Making it an excellent place for you and your baby.

The hospital,it’s facilities,the staff everything is just perfect making you assure of your health and the money you are investing there.The event was ended on warm note where each of us were presented with a bag of goodies making it the cherry on the court.

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