The Pancake Story: Indulge Yourself Into Delectable Dessert

No matter how well fed your stomach is , no matter if you had your share of food there is always a room for sugary sweet desserts because that is what ‘Bon Appetit’ mean to us. So if you just ended with scrumptious dinner you need to indulge with the mouth watering menu of dessert which you can be customize according to flavors of your choice.
So if you have a sweet tooth just like me you need to hog on ‘The Pancake Story’ recently opened at Ghatkopar.
They serve Pancakes, Beverages, Waffles, Crepes, Nachos and more.Yeah you got it right ‘NACHOS’ in the dessert parlor.
Although it was slightly tough to decide which one to go for so we ordered Nuts Over Nutella Shake, Brownie Chunks Waffle, Chocolate Volcano Mini Pancakes and Strawberry Surprise Nachos under season’s special menu.

Nuts Over Nutella Shake
It was an extremely rich thick shake with topping of icecream, flavours of nutella and whipped cream in every sip. Appropriately frothy , creamy and flavoured.

Brownie Chunks Waffle
The waffle had crunchy luscious taste. The brownie pieces and chocolate syrup were covered by the crisp waffles walls which was extremely delightful to eat.

Chocolate Volcano Mini Pancakes

If you are among those people who prefer eating pancakes in their breakfast then these mini pancakes will be a bliss for you. Moderately soft with frying butter on the top , enticing maple syrup and drizzling chocolate all around. Your taste buds will surely be tantalized.











Strawberry Surprise Nachos

Well consider yourself really lucky if you get to grab this , since it isn’t available throughout the year. Some fresh flakes of strawberry and banana with chocolate sprinkles on crisp nachos with topping of strawberry icecream.

They place is not huge but can easily accommodate 15 -20 people.

The interior is perfectly done all with the theme of blue and white color.

  • Food- 4/5
  • Hospitality & Staff – 5/5
  • Ambience- 4.5/5


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