Pahmos – Food & Ambience for Soul !!!!

Garden Galleria Mall , Noida had a new food outlet opened up on 2nd floor and I had to take someone with me on my lunch break. Looking at the interior’s in the pictures on the internet I had no option but to take my Sister who is an architect  and interior designer by profession and foodoholic by nature !!!

Pahmos – Food for Soul also had great ambience and interiors which lift your soul and cheer up your mood with some good food options available as well.

Since we both are vegetarians we had below dishes in the order that they were  received :


Bruschetta – An Italian Appetizer which had grilled bread with vegetables on top of it , It was one of those dishes that would take you by surprise , not so good when you look at it but tasted deliciously awesome. 5/5

Warning : Don’t get distracted by my new G-Shock watch , Bruschetta on that white plate is still the best.

Chesse Garlic Bread – Same old stuff in a new package but it is not a lot of things you can do to a Chesse Garlic Bread so 4/5 for this one.

Main Course:

Veggie Lover’s Pizza – This is one of the best we had it was a thin crust pizza with a lot of cheese and basil leaves on top of it. Great Taste Good Pizza. 4.5/5


Brownie Sundae – Good as usual  , lots of dark chocolate and more of ice cream on the top.  3.5/5.

As I was busy tasting the food , my sister was all ga ga over the interiors. Good use of vibrant colors and human faces made up of match sticks and cold drink steel caps. Also the metal hanging down lighters were adding beauty to the whole place.

All in all a great place to spend a nice evening. Our rating of 4.5/5 to this one as well.

P.S – My Sister liked interior of Soiree just on left of Pahmos and wanted to go there but we had enough of good time this evening some other day may be !!!!

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