Breathefresh Vayu bag: Always breathe fresh and pure

As we all know that India is country with budding population and with population the amount of pollution is rising day by day. And most of our homes are filled with unwanted pollution and chemicals.We might not see it, but Indoor pollution is definitely affecting us and making our families sick. There are variety of air purifiers that are available in the market but the cost of buying one is very high with equally high maintenance. Hence to conquer the Indoor air pollution problem, Breathefresh has come up with this amazing product called Vayu Natural – air purifying bag.

Breathefresh Vayu bag

Breathefresh’s Vayu Bag is a natural air purifier that relieves your home from airborne chemicals and supports the health of your family. It helps to reduce the harmful pollutants, bacteria, mould and mildew and allergens in the air. It not only purifies the air but also helps in maintaining a dry, fresh and odour free home in most simplest yet efficient ways.

It’s wide range effectiveness makes it a universal indoor air purifier for any room and any kind of living. Curated with activated charcoal, this bag is tested and validated by certified independent laboratories for its effectiveness.The Vayu bag can be recharged monthly by placing in the sunlight. Activated Carbon makes a perfect natural fertiliser to the plants on expiry.

Breathefresh Vayu bag

And the best part which I liked most about this bag is that it’s safe for children and pets. It is BPA free, is non toxic and fragrance free. And moreover it can last upto 2 years if recharged properly.

Science behind Breathefresh’s Vayu Bag (how does it work) :

1. The vayu bag has activated charcoal in it which means that charcoal is heated to extreme temperature that changes its internal structure making it a perfect trap to hold the harmful particles or toxins.

Now you all must be thinking, what does the temperature changes in the structure that converts a normal charcoal into a trap? Well, the answer lies in the term called “Surface area”. Science says that just one gram of activated carbon has surface area in excess of 3000 m^2 (because of high degree of microporosity). This makes the carbon act like a trap for harmful impurities and toxins.

Thus, because of high surface area and high degree of microporosity, it absorbs lot of harmful chemical floating in air.

2. There is one more associated property. Development of negative charge on the carbon due to extreme heating. This negative charge attracts the positively charged molecules such as toxins and gases.

Breathefresh Vayu bag

Now let’s shift our focus from how to what.

Benefits of Breathefresh’s Vayu Bag :

  • It can absorb harmful toxins and gases present in air.
  • It keeps the atmosphere fresh and dry (bathrooms and rooms)
  • If kept with linens or other clothes, it can help preserve them.
  • If kept with tools, it helps  preventing rust on the tools.
  • The Vayu natural bag naturally absorbs all the unwanted odour like cigarette smoke, paints etc. from home, offices, kitchens, basements, bedrooms or anywhere. It can be kept in car as well.
  • It absorbs excess moisture from the environment and hence helps in preventing the growth of moulds or harmful bacteria.

Now, its time to move from what to where?

Where can we keep this Vayu Bag? And the answer is:





Kitchen cabinets

or anywhere else where chemicals are under use.

And now let’s answer from where to how to?

How to use it?

  • Keep both the sides of the bag exposed to the air.
  • Place the bag at nose-level or atlas 4-5 feet high.
  • Keep the bag close to air circulation system like exhaust, fan etc.

So now you understood the use and benefits of Vayu bag. So what are you waiting for? Go and order one for you. After all, heath is wealth. You can buy the product from BreatheFresh or you can get it from Amazon too.

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