Make your dream Wedding Wish come true with Tata Capital

“Once in a life, right in the middle of an ordinary life.. Love gives us a fairy tale”


Yes folks, love bring colors to the black and white life and marriage gives the final and beautiful shade to the painting. And nowadays, everybody wants to fill the one peculiar shade in this painting. After all, this is once in a life experience.

In olden days, when marriages were considered as a liability towards the society which needs to be fulfilled, the D-day was all about traditions and customs. Only a handful of rich people could think of it as a royal occasion that should be celebrated with zeal and zest.

Though the customs and traditions still form an important part of a marriage but with evolving technology, modern culture, broad thinking and innovative ideas, a lot more has become part of a perfect marriage.

In today’s world, the special day is not only about inviting the world to treat their taste buds, having a typical reception party and dance performances but it has a lot more to do with fulfilling couple goals.
Every couple wants their marriage to be the best and unique in its own way so that they may have an irresistible flashback whenever they take a trip down the lane.

So to make their special day a bit of exceptional and noteworthy, one little thing that may work as the icing on the cake could be an exotic honeymoon, a professional photoshoot, designer jewelry or dresses, theme based reception etc. But these can be complimentary only in the phantasmic world; in the real world often is the case that affording even one of these top-up becomes overbearing on one’s wedding budget, leaving the wish unfulfilled.


However, in my case, I don’t want my wish of an exotic honeymoon to be left unfulfilled.
Being a travel blogger myself I love to visit places and explore them to the core.
Spectacular views, Adventure sports, Luxury resorts and Lip-smacking food is what I crave for and for my D-day I would definitely want to visit one of the most romantic destinations in the world to have a memorable experience whose memories may remain vivid for a lifetime.

Honeymoon is not only a medium to explore a place but it also provides a great opportunity to the couples to explore each other. A serene romantic getaway enclosed in the lap of Mother Nature will help them to understand the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the partner which is very necessary for the long run of a successful marriage.

Being said that my wish of a dream honeymoon holds the most priority in my marriage to do list and to fulfill it I will definitely not hesitate to walk that extra mile.
But the only obstacle is the crunch of money after paying the marriage bills, so I will have to look out for finance options that can help me in fulfilling the fantasy of enjoying a resplendent honeymoon.


Recently while looking for such options I came across #OneWeddingWish by Tata Capital and I was delighted to know the options they had for the young couples. Tata Capital Wedding Loan helps you with that one thing that would take your wedding experience to the next level.
It can be an exotic honeymoon to your dream destination or a pre-wedding shoot that will make you a superstar. Designer jewelry or dresses that will make you glitter like a prince/princess of some fairytale story.

So friends with Tata Capital being my savior, I have already started with the preparations for my lavish honeymoon and I would suggest all the couples who are going to get married soon or thinking of it to put their bait on Tata Capital as the trust of a Tata is of the highest standards. Who knows, the behind the bars scene after the marriage may not give you another chance to have such an opportunity again (giggles).

Visit Tata Capital Wedding Loan Website to apply and fill in relevant details, along with the wedding wish. After a careful analysis of your profile, Tata Capital will process your loan.

About Tata Capital
Tata Capital Limited was established in 2007 with the sole aim of providing focused and transparent financial solutions to help people realize their dreams. Being a subsidiary of the legendary Tata Sons Limited, they have always maintained the principles set by the parent company.
The main aim of Tata Capital is to bring the trust and expertise of the Tata Group to financial services.

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