Edelweiss Tokio life Insurance

As per the saying goes, insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. Indeed it is. In this era of tech-savvy customers, where the customers want the product to be the best in the market and also they always look for the X-Factor in the product. In the era of tremendous competition, a company has to think by stepping into the shoes of its customers. Edelweiss Tokio did exactly that.
Edelweiss Tokio life insurance in association with Policy Bazaar.com launched an insurance product like never before. It is a first of its kind and a trendsetter product in which there are extra allocations that will be contributed by the insurer in the plan in which its customers will invest.

What is the buzz about?
The amazing product we are talking about is called Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Plus.
As per the initial reactions received from the customers, its tagline is Unyakeenable. Indeed it is tough to believe that ULIP products, that had the general impression of having high administrative charges, that doesnt give extra benefits and ULIP isnt a good option to invest, will now be known for giving back a part of investment done by the customers. Wealth plus breaks all the myths and believes of ULIP products in a single go.

How did Edelweiss Tokio come out with this unique product?
Its a general query in everyones mind that how Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance made this dream product a reality. They teamed up with www.policybazaar.com, Indias leading website for comparing and purchasing insurance policies. Policy Bazaar gets loads and loads of customer expectations, demands, and queries. Edelweiss Tokio deep dived into that customer behavior information, did months of analysis, and finally came up with, as they term it, an Unyakeenable product.

Tell me more about this product?
Some of the key highlights of this product are as follows:
– The insurer company adds a part from its side every time you pay a premium. It starts with 1% of every premium for the first five years, going up to 3% then onwards till the tenth year, 5% then onwards till the fifteenth year and then becoming 7% of the premium till the 20th year.
– There is no premium allocation and no administrative charges, so you dont have to suffer from unwanted deductions from your invested money.
– You get additional benefits Like Rising star benefits that will help you to secure your childs future.

How can I get details about it and how can I purchase it?
You can log on to www.policybazaar.com to get all the details about this amazing product and can purchase this from the same website. Also, you can get it from the official website of Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance as well.

Is there any catch?
No there isnt any catch in this product. It is the best product if you want to invest in a good returning investment, along with saving for your retirement and also securing the future of your dear ones.
So go ahead and trust the un-trustable, as they say it: Trust the #unyakeenable.

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