Reasons to have medical insurance: Why and how?

Today is the time of financial instability. To maintain high standards of living, somewhere down the line we have to cut down our savings. No doubt, day-to-day life may run smoothly but these low levels of savings haunt us at the time of crisis. This is where insurance comes into account. Insurance is a means of providing security against financial loss. It is a kind of risk management mechanism which provides safety against uncertain loss.

These days, Medical insurance is becoming a necessity. This is because medical expenses are rising day by day.  For an individual, whose savings are not significant, arranging the funds at the last moment can be a stressful task. Thus to secure ourselves and our loved ones from health-related emergencies, health insurance policy is very much required.



Health/medical insurance policy is basically an insurance policy that covers the medical and surgical expenses of the policy holder. We can purchase it online or offline.

Buying a suitable medical insurance plan is an important and tough decision, so we have to consider a number of things before choosing the health insurance provider, as well as the plan

A few of them are mentioned below

  • Make an early purchase: Buy an insurance policy early on in your life. This may result in a number of claim free years and help you get maximum benefits of no-claim bonus after every claim free year.
  • Lifetime renewability: You should select the policy which can provide cover at an old age where you will be more prone to diseases.
  • Choose to go with a well-known insurer: While selecting your insurer, you must select a provider that has good experience; financial strength and service record in this area so that it can help you with hassle free claims at the time of crisis. Royal Sundaram is one of the well known and reputed companies for the same. You should select health insurance policies from an insurer that reflect its expertise in the subject.

You should choose at least a basic mediclaim insurance policy as well as an insurance plan for your loved ones. Health insurance can be one great relief in times of medical emergencies. Choose the one for yourself carefully and take care of you and your family.

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    So important to have medical insurance with the increasing costs of medication… in the past few years i have realised the importance of medical insurance simply with the amount i have had to recover.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing piece of information, it was damn insightful for me for sure. Will surely check out the Royal Sundaram’s website to know more!

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    Very well written! The blog clearly defines the importance of a medical insurance and how useful it can be to one during the time of uncertain loss.The blog even talks about the type of medical insurance, thus a great help to readers.

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