Plum by Bent Chair, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Plum by Bent Chair is a casual dining place + bar located on the third floor of Trade View Building in Kamala Mills Compound. One can easily reach the place via Prabhadevi Station which is quite near. Their outspread menu comprises of some scrumptious dishes from Asian Cuisine which will surely tickle your taste buds and the mocktails are absolutely flavorsome. Also, note that prior table booking is recommended so plan accordingly.


Once you enter the premise of this place, you’d be awed by the detailed and majestic interiors which is magnificently done! Every corner of the place is a frame in itself be it the wall art, furnishing,  green ceiling adorned with artificial plants, or the lighting set up. It has indoor seating that’s extremely comfortable and aesthetic. One can also purchase the decor and furniture, that you see at this casual dining place cum dream space, on their website where they have a range of decor collections on sale. Overall, Plum is an art space in itself!

Rating: 5/5


Some selected dishes that we ordered took some time to come otherwise most of the dishes and beverages were quickly served. The staff members, namely, Laxmi and Priyanka took great care of the table and recommended the best dishes and mocktails according to our preferences. Overall, the service is great!

Rating: 5/5


1) Blackberry Cooler: Hands down, the best mocktails I’ve had at a lounge/casual dining place. It is served in a tall glass having the blend of blackberry, mint raspberries, tea, and homemade spice mix and garnished with a huge chunk of blackberry along with mint leaves. The mocktail is flavourous in all aspects with perfection in every sip. The drink is soothing/refreshing and leaves a mixed after taste of the delectable blackberry and tea. It doesn’t taste syrupy or oversweet; the consistency and sweetness here are maintained well. Definitely a must-try!

Rating: 5/5

2) Orange Blossom: Another house special having an adequate amount of orange, lime leaves and lime at the bottom half & sugar topped with orange soda. It’s a vivifying drink with balanced sweetness and fruity after taste. I’d recommend this one as well!

Rating: 5/5

Small Plates:-

1) Tempura Asparagus Uramaki Sushi: This was recommended to us by Priyanka and it was absolutely appetizing. It was oozing with flavors in every bit. The Japanese sushi rice rolls had a filling of avocado, batter-fried asparagus, tempura caviar, small bits of crispy scallion, tempura caviar and sesame seeds. The dish was presented well with 8 pcs of sushi layered in spicy plum mayonnaise sauce, along with shredded carrot, pickled garlic, and leaf-shaped wasabi. It’s a delicious starter option. Must try!

Rating: 5/5

2) Wild Mushroom Bao: The three pcs of Bao stuffed with braised mushrooms, white fungus, bits of bird’s eye chili, and burnt garlic flakes were absolutely mouth-watering. The right proportion of flakes and chili gave it a subtle taste as with any dish from Japanese cuisine. Eating the bao with the dips that were served enhanced its flavor. Mushroom lovers would definitely love this one.

Rating: 5/5

3) Spiced Turnip Cakes: It’s a house special and I personally loved this one more for its distinctly flavored spices. A generous quantity of turnip cakes was served in a bowl with shredded scallions, golden garlic, pepper and sprinkled with Cantonese spice. It’s a delicious treat and absolutely scrummy!

Rating: 5/5

Large Plates:-

1) Garlic Buttered Fried Rice: The Jasmine fried rice were rightly cooked with pan-fried garlic and sprinkled with crispy scallion. The quantity of rice is sufficient for two and it tasted delicious!

2) East Asian Curry: It’s a Yellow Bean Curry with some assian veggies and a little number of chilis in it making it non- spicy. It’ll go well with some spicey flavored rice.

Large Plates rating: 4/5


Plum Tropical Fruit Citrus Cheesecakes: Served in a wooden bowl with two scoops of lime cheesecake laid down on a bed full of chopped tropical fruits. The luscious and rich taste of the cheesecake was a great way to conclude the splendid dining experience at Plum.

Rating: 5/5

In conclusion, the Instagram-worthy aesthetics of the place, delicious food, and the courteous staff, made the dining experience to be worthwhile.

Overall rating: 5/5

Smakelijk Eten!

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