imPRESS nails: Who needs to go Salon if you can bring Salon home?

How many of you have an event to attend and looking at your nails at the last moment, you have only one expressions coming to your mind is , “Ohh!! That Sucks!!!”. That’s me all the time. I never had the time and patience to paint my nails and let it dry and so for most of my events, my nails were like a no-show.

One day, while scrolling through the internet for some easy nail options, I came across these press-on nails and I was so imPRESSed!!! There were so many options in all those faux nail collections and I loved it. I have heard how these nails were a thing in the 90’s but were not so good to rely on for long time stay. You put them in the morning and by the time you were doing lunch, they would have dropped off.

But they were in such a good price range that I thought of giving them thought and I bought a bunch of imPRESS nails.

My first take on imPRESS nails:

The packaging of these nails was really good. It comes with an alcohol pad to clean your nails before putting them on. It also comes with cuticle remover that can help putting the nails on place. It has about 30 nails in one pack with different designs and sizes.

How to use these nails:

The application of these nails is really easy and simple. If you follow some simple steps, you can make them stay for two to three weeks easily.

Here is a simple guide on how to use these nails:

Step 1: First of all, you have to select the right size nail for each of your finger. Lay out the nails and select the perfect fitting nail for you.

Step 2: Remove any residual nail polish off your nails (if any) and push back the cuticles.

Step 3: Wash you hands thoroughly (if possible with warm water)

Step 4: Clean your nails well with the alcohol pad thoroughly.

Step 5: This is very important step for the protection of your real nails. Apply a coat or two of clear nail polish and let it dry. This will protect your nails from any of the chemicals in the glue.

Step 6: Apply the nails as per instructions. Remove the adhesive strip and press the faux nail on your real nails for at least 30 sec. Try to not wash your hands for next 2-3 hours. Thats why I prefer to apply these at night.

My final imPRESSion of these nails:

I am literally obsessed with nail art and I used these the first day they came in the mail. My real nails are already long and I used it on them. So they were a little uncomfortable. My hairs kept on getting stuck in between the real and fake nail space and that was the most annoying thing.

Next time, I trimmed my real nails and then used these nails on top of them. Oh my God! I loved them. They stayed for more than a week, that too when I am doing every chore (washing dishes and bathing etc). If you file the nails as per your convenient size, they are perfect for you to use.

So girls, don’t sit with no nail art if your salons are closed, get your imPRESS nails and get ready for any event or just casually.

After all, a little self pampering is what we all deserve.

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