Dimsum Momo Express, Bandra West.

Dimsum Momo Express is on S.V. Road which is hardly a 5 min walk from Bandra West Station. The outlet serves Asian, Chinese and Tibetan cuisine. It’s a small outlet with a sitting capacity for 15-16 people as it’s mostly inclined towards taking delivery orders. The staff here is friendly but less trained to manage between delivery orders and the order of the patrons. Some dishes took time to prepare while the dim sum was promptly presented.

We ordered:-

In Appetisers:-

Paneer Chilly: Albeit a little on the oily side, this paneer chilly was spicy and savoury.. The paneer was soft.  For the price of the product, the serving was sufficient for one person. It can serve as your perfect food for your Indo-Chinese craving kinda day.

Roasted chicken: The thing with Indo-Chinese food is that the percentage of oil has to be well managed to not make it too greasy but so was the case with this roasted chicken. It was kind of undercooked too. However, the spices used were quiet on point. Since I am not a huge fan of oily food, this did not go down too well with me.

Whole wheat exotic veg Dimsums: Now, I was certainly expecting something different from Momo express since this is their USP. These dimsums were non-oily and light on the stomach. However, I was a little put off with the strong smell of vegetables, cabbage particularly. Now, I know that cabbage is the main ingredient of dimsums, but, it could have been cooked better. I will rather try the chicken dimsum next time since I have heard so much about it.

Japanese Udon Noodles: I had read good reviews about their udon noodles that I went in expecting something great. However, I was kind of taken aback by the dripping oil and overbearing taste of chilli. We couldn’t finish this serving.

Overall rating: 2.5/5


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