I Sacked Newton !!! – But Why?

On the 5th floor of Logix Mall Sector 32 Noida (I have been there many times never realizing there is really a 5th floor there until one day when I was called for a review for a fine dinning restaurant) , you get more than you have asked for. A great many restaurant opening up with lots of space and sitting under the open sky.

One such restaurant is “I Sacked Newton” , with a lot of sitting option available outside and a beautiful interior inside you would love this place to the core. It is a great place to dine in with friends with lots of great views from inside and some amazing feel of a 90’s classic movies sets. It is as good as i talk about it. The pictures below might not do justice to what you can experience once you are there with your own eyes.

Now lets move on to the drinks and food which is very well priced and delicious:

Mocktails :

Newton’s Fresh : As the name suggests it is fresh and refreshing with a hint of lemon and cranberry juice , I personally liked it very much 5/5 for this one.

Fast Bites or Starters :

Loaded Nachos : Nice with a loads of cream on it.

Chilli Chesse Garlic Bread : Just like any another garlic bread but with a hint of cheese.

Mumbaiya Pao Slider : This one i liked the most just because you seldom find this item in list of starters for most of the restaurants. Taste even better than the italian dishes above , Indian fast food has its own charm !!


Maggie Bowl (Amritsari Paneer Tikka and Butter Chicken) : Now that is what i will call a what is in the name , the veg and non veg maggie bowls were something new but they taste the same as any other maggies that you had at home. The amritsari prefix did not help much.

Dumplings : The fillings in the dumplings were not so fulfilling , I will suggest them to remove them from the list.

Tandoor : The Dahi kebab,Peshawari Paneer Tikka and Lahori Mutton Seekh Kabab is mouth watering. May be the name peshawar hit a chord with my past ancestors.

Pizza : The labanese Veggie Pizza had different flavors to it , mostly Indian though. I would just say it was nice.


Main Course : Overall a combination of breads with Daal and Paneer was enough to satisfy my hunger.

Desserts :  I would recommend homemade pan ice cream , should sure have it.


It is an awesome place with great ambience and slight change in the dishes will attract more food lovers.

P.S More dishes with the name in sync with the restaurant name and theme will be a cherry on the cake.

Overall a 4/5.

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