Fitso SEAL Heated Pool – Answer to Noida’s winter swimming needs !!!

Searching for a heated swimming pool in Noida? Here is one suggestion for you from us.

This new year FITSO(short form of Fitness Social) SEAL brings to you Noida’s best temperature controlled swimming facilities and training classes. Located at the basement of LPS Global School sector 51 Noida , this facility provides ample space and great ambience for a lifetime swimming experience.

best heated swimming pool in Noida best heated swimming pool in Noida

We had pleasure to talk to one of the co founder of the company Mr. Saurabh Aggarwal who is an IIT Delhi graduate himself and his vision was to produce national and then international level swimmers from this facility. The company has tie ups with some of the India’s best swimmers who  will be training here as well. Each individual will get an hour slot with a trainer which will help a child or a teenager to improve with swimming.

 best heated swimming pool in Noida best heated swimming pool in Noida

We also met youngsters from IIT and other premier institutes as well who are still pursuing swimming and training for national level championships in coming months. The event also had a lot of IronMan aspirants and achievers as well. Swimming has been one of the sports  that has been left behind firstly due to no encouragement and secondly due to the lack of infrastructure. Mr. Saurabh and his team are determine to change that, this underground heated swimming pool is one of the steps they are taking to help people look at swimming differently.

They have also installed a machine to keep a close check on the water temperature. Apart from the great facilities that they have installed they have also worked on creating a mobile app which can help people register , schedule training and take free trial classes. This is great news for parents who want to give their child an early start to swimming.

This is a great opportunity for youngsters in Noida , Hope to see more happy faces like the one below after they are done with their first swimming class. :):)

best heated swimming pool in Noida best heated swimming pool in Noida

Great Initiative !!! Good Ambience !!! Wonderful Coaches !!! Wow Experience !!!

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