Tripper Cold Cafe, Andheri Lokhandwala, Mumbai.

Tripper Cold Cafe is sheerly a delight of a place! The quaint cafe is situated on the bustling streets of Andheri Lokhandwala near the Empresa Hotel. Their sketched menu, which is as unique as the place, comprises mainly of shakes, smoothies, snacks, pastries, softy, and floats. Basically, the menu is inclined more towards desserts. The highlight of the place is its scrumptious servings, splendid service and the artistic decor, which is sure to make your visit a worthwhile experience.  It’s genuinely one of the best cafes I’ve visited in Mumbai; read on to know more.


The cafe is covered in vibrant shades of yellow, green, red and white making it stand-out as you pass by it. Upon entering, you’ll feel you have just arrived at one of the hilltop cafes which we usually see in the north. The cafe has both outdoor and indoor seating. The entire space is minimalistic but has been planned out and used well. The bright yellow light bulbs on the outside, as well as the interior, give an old-world retro charm to it. The sight of brightly painted wooden furniture, a wooden wardrobe on the ceiling, artistic wall art of prominent artists, a vintage piano, guitar, etc speaks of how intricately and creatively the decor is done. There is also a collection of board/card games like UNO, Catan, Scotland Yard, Scrabble, Cluedo, Jenga, etc that you can choose and play here. Also, there are a variety of classic novels that you can read with some soothing music playing in the background while you slurp on your favorite shake; an experience to cherish. Overall, the ambience here is magnificent.

Rating: 5/5


It was difficult to spot the place at first so we called the cafe and the lady guided us well on call to reach the cafe. Upon reaching, we felt welcomed and she recommended some beverages according to our taste while also explaining its ingredients. The staff here is well informed, friendly and prompt in their service. Overall, the service was impressive.

Rating: 5/5

We called for the following beverages and dishes:-

  1. Coconut Shake: We were recommended this beverage by the staff and it was absolutely delectable. The blend of coconut water, vanilla ice cream, and the garnishing of shredded coconut pieces were luscious and rich in taste. The after taste was also pleasant.

  1. Tropical fruit smoothie:  With the flavorsome mango floating on the top portion while the delicious grape juice rests at the bottom, this distinct mix of mango and grape juice is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Thick and delish, the smoothie was a perfect blend of both my favorite fruits and it sure has my heart!

  1. Chilli Cheese Toast: Comes in a well presented triangular-shaped toast laden with cheese, garlic, herbs, chillis and a dash of flakes; was absolutely toothsome and crisp on the bite. It’s a great snack option to tag along with a smoothie/ shake. Definitely a must-try!

  1. Kashmiri Walnut Brownie: Since the essence of the cafe lies in its Kashmiri roots, they do make homemade desserts with the flavourful recipe that of Kashmir so I certainly wanted to try their brownie. It was gooey and mouth-watering with granules of walnut in between layers of the brownie. Simply scrummy!
    Also, the cookies here are imported from Kashmir so be sure to taste them as well.

Food/ beverage rating: 5/5

In conclusion,  I would like to go back to my previously mentioned line that it is one of the best cafes I have visited. The rates here are nominal and the taste is super delicious. Also, with the games, books, and musical instruments, it’s sure to be the most happening hangout spots!

Overall rating: 5/5

Smakelijk Eten!



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