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For women, fashion means serious business and for many ladies and chicks, fashion means stylish handbags. For some, it is a functional personal statement; for others, it is a way of self-expression and for many others, it’s just a fashion accessory. When we move around with our handbag, we are conveying something about ourselves to others. It is that personal accessory that can easily be used and purchased to display our fashion statements to the world. But most importantly, it is a fashion accessory that is able to fit in all our emergency necessities, when on-the-go.

stylish handbags

I have been a handbag lover for a long time now. I used to buy a lot of them and continued building my collection over the years. For me, handbags are like an investment that gives an instant return by carrying all my necessary stuff. It need not be too heavy and should have enough room for all of them like my make-up, sunglasses, keys, wet tissues, sanitary napkin, medicines, mobile phone, and money. At the same time, I do not compromise on the luxury of good brands and designs. After all, as Coco Chanel describes luxury as, “the necessity that begins where necessities end”.

The ideal bag is like a beautiful shoe which is not about necessity. It is about dreams and desire. It is the portable object of fashion that is unaffected by the changes of the body and age and continues to embellish us without fail.

History of handbags

Today’s designer handbags have a long history.

Until the 17th century, clothing has no pocket option and hence men used to carry small handbags attached to the belt to carry objects like coins, alms, and other things.

After the 17th century, when pockets became an integral part of the clothing, they no longer needed handbags for small things and used to carry them only for big and heavier objects.

It was during the 17th and 18th century that ladies began carrying a small bag with attached drawstring to keep their particulars.

But the biggest change came during the industrial revolution when the high-class society wanted to distinguish their luggage from the lower classes. That’s when the era of designer bags truly began.

And now, we have a countless number of brands offering the most exquisite designer bags in the market.

stylish handbags

Shopping options

With increased use of technology, nowadays, we do most of our shopping online, be it electronic appliances, clothing, shoes or handbags. We have a number of websites to look for, that gives a great discount on many products and thus that saves us both time and money.

I am a big shop-o-holic and hence have tried a lot of online shopping options. No matter where you are; home, office or on a bus, just open your laptop or cellphone, search for your favourite shopping site and check out handbags online and make a purchase. That’s how easy it gets now. With the shopping process made so easy, now do let me know, which is your favourite handbag designer brand and why?

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    I loved the look of the very first handbag, it was simple yet classy, my kind of thing. Thank you for sharing such a brief intro on handbags, it was damn insightful & helpful too.

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    A handbag is a mandatory accessory whenever you go out. And thats why we need a good number of them in our wardrobes. Thanks for sharing such great options.

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