Hipstik Tights – New Trendy Hosiery in Town

Summer is ending and the chill is slowly setting in.

Autumn will be here, any day now, and for nature lovers like me autumn sure is the Season of Travel!

But does end of summer mean end of wearing summer dresses?

Well say hello to Hipstik Tights! These are the new trendy hosiery in town that have the fit of stockings, comfort of leggings and look like tights – after all they are tights, right?

I love wearing short skirts and off late have been obsessed with my new found love for hot pants – they are just so comfortable. But I also love travelling and trust me when in USA, there is no better season to explore the country than in the Fall. Due to this I started shopping early for my autumn accessories and had been utterly disappointed by the choices I had for stockings. I got about 4 pairs of stockings and 2 pairs of tights, all from different vendors only to find some fit for style but big time losers in case of comfort and some so saggy and thick that even though they were comfortable they would make style commit suicide if I paraded in them.

It is all about comfort and style

Lucky for me, about two week back I got a pair of tights from Hipstik, and I have already used them four times! Hipstik, like the makers themselves claim, offers non-snagging tights that are the opposite of spanx- no squeezing, muffin-top, or shape control.



What works for me!

The Fabric:  The fabric is so soft and stretchable that even post 4 wears and 2 washes, it feels like new! Moreover, the fabric is extremely breathable which makes the hosiery is not just fit for using during autumn and start of winter, but I was also able to use it comfortably now in New York while the temperature is still around 28 degree Celsius.

The Size Range: It is important to understand that sizing is a critical aspect for any piece of garment and not all body types can use same shaped hosiery. Unfortunately, very few players in the market take this into account and we are the sad, ‘have-to-do-with-what-we-have’ customers at the receiving end. But not anymore. The sizing of Hipstik is revolutionary as they have designed a range of products depending on different body shapes of women and their height. Plus, they go an extra mile with the ‘stik’. The tights come with a slip-proof feature – a wide, comfortable lace band that prevents muffin-top and a silicone “stik” strip that keeps tights right where you want them around the waist, without digging into your stomach and hurting you.

The Fit: Given that it is tailored for women body-type and height, it does raise your expectations in terms of fit and trust me, it does not disappoint. The size I ordered fit me perfectly. No sagging or extreme cutting into my body. I actually felt like I was wearing a stocking the whole time and it never stretched to a point where it got translucent!


What doesn’t work for me

Not much really, other than the price. Even though I love the product, it is slightly on the higher side in terms of cost. Given that a single piece of tights costs 28 USD plus taxes, I would probably not splurge and go on my regular spree of buying all the available colours. Instead, I would select that one black which stays with me for when I crave comfort.


But ofcourse, this would be my reason to restrict myself to one very dear piece of hosiery from Hipstik. You need to try it to know if it strikes a chord with your inner shopaholic!

To get yourself one of these extremely comfortable tights please click HERE. And if you do get one, do let us know if you like it or not in the comments below.


P.S. – I was sent the product sample by Hipstik and the review is completely unbiased and personal.

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About Vaisakhi Mishra

Engineer, Poetry and Travel Blogger, Shutterbug, Movies and Books freak. A dreamer with an ever growing bucket list!

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