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Your daily dose of entertainment can now be fulfilled through these creative handles on Helo App

Although the internet is a vast source of information and knowledge, its greatest purpose is simply entertainment. Every day, millions of people log into the internet for recreational purposes and while we are spoilt for choice when it comes to entertaining ourselves online, it can sometimes get overwhelming to choose. If only there were outlets which could inform you about the latest movies, TV shows, celebrity news, wouldn’t life be much more convenient? As a matter of fact, you can find all your entertainment-related needs sated at Helo India. Here are some Helo handles that cater exclusively to your entertainment requirements.


This Helo handle is based in the city of nawabs, Lucknow and has an impressive following of 218.5k followers. This handle generally posts news about the entertainment industry, ranging from past anecdotes to contemporary gossip. There are certain posts dedicated to forgotten legends of the industry along with struggling obscure actors. Overall, a handle completely dedicated to Bollywood and entertainment.

Entertainment Mega World

This popular handle has about 312.6k followers on Helo and all posts are heavily shared and liked by the followers. This handle generally posts news about contemporary television and cinema. Reality shows have take over television and passionate fans of these shows always need more information and gossip about the participants. This handle posts constantly updated news about TV shows and their stars.

Entertainment Queen

Another popular handle which showcases news, reports and addresses rumors about the entertainment industry, this handle has about 63.5k followers on Helo. The popularity of this handle is growing as it posts the latest news about Bollywood actors and their lives from various sources. Nothing sells like Bollywood news and this handle sure knows it.

Entertainment Reporter

As the name suggests, this handle reports the latest development in Bollywood and the entertainment industry and with 94.9k followers, their reporting seems to be quite effective. From the latest cinema news to celebrity attires, this handle has it all. If you are interested in the inner workings of the entertainment industry, look no further. Entertainment reporter will keep you posted.

Entertainment Focus

This handle focuses (pardon the pun) on the rumors and purported scandals of the entertainment industry. While it’s true that sensationalism sells, this channel is constantly updated with news from different sources. The focus is on the entertainment aspect and while the credibility of the sources can be doubted, there is no dearth of fun.

If you take a keen interest in the Indian entertainment industry, then these handles will keep you updated. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those juicy news bits from Bollywood anyway.

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    Yes I love entertainment news. I have heard of this app and handle from my friends and I had a look at it. I loved the handles and the variety of news it serves.

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    For someone who is a big entertainment fan, these handles are great to get the latest news and updates. Helo app is quite trending these days and I am also eager to check it out.

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    I am a big fan of bollywod. This app looks really interesting to me where I can get all the news and bollywood too. The introduction of handles is nice concept.

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    After reading this article, I have gone through these handles of Helo app. They are really cool and this app is actually one in all entertainment app. I loved it.

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    Handles that cater exclusively to my entertainment needs looks superb awesome !!
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    This looks like an interesting app for entertainment. All the latest updates can be read from there. I will definitely check it out and follow for sure.👍

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    Enterntainment queen and Entertainment reporter, something I would like to follow on Helo, to keep myself updated with the fashion world…..

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