Let’s know soy-protein better – with DuPont and EbixIndia

The power of soy-protein with DuPont and EbixIndia

 What is that one thing that we all look up to but take as for grantedly? In my opinion, it is the necessity of healthy lifestyle. In today’s scenario, where work culture is getting worser and eating habits are changing to fast-forward mode, having healthy option available at hand is what we need the most. Recently,I have been invited to a blogger’s meet organized by DuPont and Ebix India to spread the awareness on the power of soy protein. The meet took place at the Courtyard Marriott, Gurugram and was really informative about the benefits of soy protein. The panel included Karuna Jayakrishna ( innovation leader, South Asia DuPont Nutrition & health), Dr Namita Nadar (HOD- Department of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Fortis Hospital Noida) and Indranil Chatterjee (Regional product line manager, DuPont Nutrition & health protein solution for South Asia and South East Asia) and was really informative and shared all the important health benefits of soy-protein with us.

The power of soy-protein with DuPont and EbixIndia The power of soy-protein with DuPont and EbixIndia The power of soy-protein with DuPont and EbixIndia

About the event:

The event was scheduled to start at 11:00 am in the morning and lasted till 2:00 pm. After a brief intro of the panelist, we were presented with all the required information related with the importance and benefits of the soy-protein. It was then followed by discussions on various topics like perception about soy-protein, science behind the benefits of soy-protein and ending with all the queries of the bloggers being answered by the panelists. The event ended with lunch and networking with fellow bloggers and panelist.

About DuPont Nutrition and Heal

DuPont Nutrition and health researches and manufactures food ingredient solutions for food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries. They have the ingredients that drive innovation, bottom-line solutions and market success. They collaborate with their customers to connect challenges into opportunities for competitive advantage.

They can do things out of the box because of extensive research, intensive consideration of the consumer insights and in-depth knowledge of food science, nutrition and market dynamics.

About Soy-protein:

Soy protein is a protein that is isolated from soybean.It is a complete protein since it provides all the essential amino acids for human nutrition. Soy protein is an economical and reliable alternative to meat and dairy proteins. DuPont Nutrition & Health has demonstrated the sustainability impact of our soy protein products through a third-party validated Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The power of soy-protein with DuPont and EbixIndia The power of soy-protein with DuPont and EbixIndia

Some of its benefits are:

~ It is a great way to increase plant protein in the diet which has cardiovascular benefits like lowering blood pressure.

~It is cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat unlike animal protein foods. Given that they are (unless adulterated) low in saturated fats and have no cholesterol, the consumption of soy products has been associated with improved cardiovascular health.

~It is great source of vitamins and minerals.

~ It boost our fiber intake.

~It is effective in supporting healthy weight loss, maximizing muscle gains as part of an exercise program weight loss.

Thus as per the panel, the consumption of soy-protein in a regulated manner can lead to a healthy lifestyle throughout the life span of the consumer.

The power of soy-protein with DuPont and EbixIndia

Few soy options


The meet was truly informative and changed my perspective for the benefits and  consumption of soy protein. With a Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.0 (DuPont soy protein), it is comparable to dairy, egg and meat protein in protein quality. 

After knowing it so much better, I have made my mind to include some of the soy-snacks in my meal that can help in maintaining the weight and protein level in my body.

The power of soy-protein with DuPont and EbixIndia

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