Goodknight patches: Baby Safe Natural Repellent

Last night, I suddenly got a call from my elder sister. It was really an odd time to get her call because she usually sleeps early. My heart was not getting good vibes after looking at her name flashing on the screen of my phone. I picked up the call.

I: “Hi di. What happened? You called so late in the night?”

Esha (my elder sister) : “Hello Pooja. Please come to my home as soon as possible. Sunny is not feeling well. His fever is souring high. Sumit is also not in the town.”

I: “Don’t worry di. I am coming right now.”

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that Sunny is my nephew and Sumit is my jijs.

Goodknight patches: Baby Safe Natural Repellent


I rushed to my di’s place.

Doctor was already there, looking after Sunny. After thoroughly examining him, he said that although symptoms suggest that he might have Dengue but to be sure, we must conduct his blood test. Doctor handed over the prescription to me and said that we must keep him on those medication till the reports of blood test arrives, then he will start the treatment.

My di got panicked. She really got tensed.

I told my di to relax and went to nearby medical store to get the medicines.

At my di’s house:

Me: “Don’t worry di. He will be fine.”

Esha (crying): “ You know, Pooja, that dengue is a very serious disease. And there are so many cases of deaths of children from dengue in the newspaper these days. How can I relax? I want him to be fit and fine again.”

Me: “ I know di. That’s why I try to keep Sahana as safe as possible from mosquitoes and also try to keep her occupied in some indoor activities as well.”

Esha: “I also try to do the same”

Me: “I know, but we should be more careful since it’s rainy season and the immunity of the children is comparatively weaker so they become easy target of diseases.

I follow these steps to keep Sahana safe and healthy this rainy season:

1.) Do not let the water accumulate near my house. I put sand in it if I see any excess water in surroundings.

2.) Feed her with a balanced nutritious diet and warm liquids.

3.) Keep mosquito repellents turned ON.

4.) Let her take ample amount of rest to avoid exhautions.

Goodknight patches: Baby Safe Natural Repellent

Recently. I have heard of these Goodknight patches which, if pasted on the body, can keep the mosquitoes away. I found these really interesting and hence read more about them.

Goodknight patches are loaded with 100% natural oils and protects from all kinds of mosquitoes for 8 hours including those spreading dengue, malaria & chikungunya. It is easy to apply and is available in so many fun designs that kids just love them.

Esha: “ Is that so? But are they safe to use?”

Me: “Yes , they are certified safe for babies and children by Paediatrician.”

Esha: “Nice. Then, I will definitely start using them for Sunny as well.”

Next day, the reports of the blood test clearly suggested that Sunny has dengue fever. Doctor prescribed the necessary medications and precaution.

He told us about the dengue symptoms in both kids and children like:

Viral flu with running nose and cough (toddlers), High fever that fluctuates, joint pain, severe headache etc.

He also informed us that there is no specific medication for dengue and it resolves on its own. We just need to be safe during the recovery process like keeping the infected person safe from  mosquitoes, giving him/her Papya juice and other liquids etc.

We thanked the doctor for the information.

After 1 MONTH:

(Phone ringing)

Me: “Hi di. How’s Sunny now?”

Esha: “Hello Pooja. He has recovered a lot and has now started playing again as well.”

Me: “ That’s nice. But please be safe di.”

Esha: “ Yes I am keeping all the precautions. And I have also started using Goodknight patches as well. I am very much satisfied now.”

Me: “Great. Bye.”

Esha: “”

Pooja Bhandari

An Engineer by profession, writer by passion.. loves to travel at different places around the globe..

About Pooja Bhandari

An Engineer by profession, writer by passion.. loves to travel at different places around the globe..

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