Let’s wok-south ex 1

Hello everyone!

Last night I’ve got my food delivered from Let’s wok.A delivery joint located at south ext part 1.It is famous for its splendid Chinese and thai cuisine.And Chinese being one of favourite cuisines I didn’t wasted any time to order these 3 items-

  1. Chilly Chicken gravy
  2. Crispy honey chicken sesame
  3. Chicken wings in Chinese bbq sauce

1.Chilly Chicken gravy

Chilli Chicken is one of my favourite dishes while I eat from outside.And thus I am very particular about its taste,consistency and quality.And I must say that Let’s wok didn’t disappointed me.The quality and quantity everything was maintained.Loved the consistency and tangyness of the gravy.

2.Crispy honey Chicken sesame

Crispy honey chicken sesame is one those dishes which is not very heavy  on your appetite.It’s crispy,light,fresh and tangy.You can have it as much as you want.The quality and quantity both we’re impressing.

3.Chicken wings in Chinese bbq sauce

For me it’s the show’s topper dish of last night.Didn’t had such amazing wings from a long time.The Chicken was properly marinated and thus the flavours were popping out.Highly recommended.Lovet it totally.

Overall Rating-4.5/5


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