Give your Passports an Upgrade!

Who doesn’t love personalized gift? And what if there was a way to get something useful personalized which is also aligned with your passion. Sounds like the best gift, ever, right? One such gift that comes to my mind is –

A Personalized Passport Holder!


Now many of you would ask how is a passport holder useful? Well, at least for me my passport holder has become my most essential carry-on accessory these days. Imagine this – you are changing multiple flights and get all your boarding passes at your first airport; you keep the tickets and the boarding passes separate; you need to get to your next flight a.s.a.p. but your tickets are mixed up with 50 other things in your hand bag and you get anxious just because you are running late. Happens more often than you think! So, get a passport holder that lets you put not just your passports, but your tickets, cards and some currency notes!

There are many personalized passport jackets available in the market, but I have always been in hunt for one that solves the issue I just discussed. And recently I stumbled upon a passport holder by Urby, and I must say I was pretty impressed by their wanderlust collection. The Urby passport holder is a well thought passport jacket with 4 card slots which in my case are needed for my Sapphire card, Travel Card, my College ID card and my Starbucks card! Then it has a sleeve to store the boarding pass and a couple of currency bills. This part is where my uber travel essentials organizer alter ego finds pleasure. And the not so girly girl in me loved the colour and texture collection Urby had for these holders. Starting from chick glossy dark berry holder to the not so flashy, demur silver holder – they probably have colours that can please everyone’s requirements.


Oh, and before I forget, it also has a small slit in the back where I am going to keep my travel card just so that, well I love my travel card and it adds that bit more personal touch to a passport jacket that already says – it belongs to Vaisakhi Mishra!



Pros: –

  1. Well thought through design, with adequate number of slots for all the airport stuff.
  2. Not very bulky, and fits into pockets like a wallet or in a small sling bag.
  3. Good material ensuring long life of the sleeve. And incase anything goes wrong within 1 year, URBY would actually replace it because you get URBY products with guarantee!
  4. I wouldn’t call it a budget product, but it sure is cheaper than most of its market competitor’s personalized products.

Cons: –

  1. I found the sleeve a bit thin and hence am not sure if it can hold multiple passports along with credit cards and money.

Yes, that was it. I didn’t really have much to complain about the product!

So, there you go – thinking of new gift items for a wanderlust soul? I think I helped you out a bit, didn’t I? Because remember,  hassle free travel leads to good travel memories!


P.S. – Urby is a direct-to-consumer, lifestyle and travel accessories brand . They design and manufacture essentials for an urban lifestyle using the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship. You can also check their wide range of mens walletwomen walletscard cases etc. 




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