Coffee making session with Lavazza

Hello Everyone!
How you guys are doing? I hope you all are doing really well.
So,on Monday I was invited for a live coffee making session.It was with Lavazza’s head trainer Abdul Shahid Khan.The event took place at Taj Palace hotel Chanakyapuri. And as we all know lavazza’s being one of the leading coffee brands worldwide,so why would anyone miss the chance to learn the art of this exotic coffee making at home?

Coffee making Coffee making

Mr.Khan started the session by telling us how to make different varieties of coffees from cappuccino to cafe late and various others at home.He told us each and every detail related to a particular type of coffee.For example- For a shot of espresso the quantity should be around 30ml with a temperature between 60° C- 65° C.If we’ll keep the temperature of our coffee high like  100° C or more  the protien part of the milk will be dead and we’ll just be left be unsaturated fats.


One of the most surprising things Mr.Khan told us yesterday was per coffee intake of people in different countries.Like in Finland the per capita consumption of coffee is 9.6kg whereas in india its just 90grams per capita.Plus the per day sales in any outlet in countries like USA and Uk are around 400-500 cups whereas in India it just around 40-50 cups a day.He also added that roasted coffee beans shouldn’t be stored for more than 5-6 days whereas green coffee beans can be stored for upto 5 years.
He also taught us some beautiful techniques to design the coffee top.

The event ended with some delicious snacks,coffee and tea.

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