LG Signature Products Unveiled at St. Regis Mumbai

On the 11th of January, LG India unveiled the 5  LG Signature Products at St. Regis Mumbai. It was a gala event. The products are oLED TV, refrigerator, washing machine and two other products.  The event started on time and then each product was unveiled one by one.

LG Signature Series Nikita Gharat

LG Washing Machine :

The built quality of this machine is sturdy. It is ergonomically  designed. It looked like it’s an advanced version of LG  TWIN Wash.

LG twin wash washing machine very simple design but it looks elegant and classy. it is also very user-friendly. It comes with options  such as hot and cold water. The machine comes with a capacity of 12 KG. Its front loaded  when it comes to main wash  2 kg top load for  small washing.  So, this is about the signature washing machine to be precise LG signature washing machine.

Now, let’s come to my favourite of all the LG signature products the first one I should say the last one OLED TV.   This 65  inches beauty  actually  stole my heart.  This beautiful super wallpaper TV is made of pixels screen.  It is a super  fine with  vivid colours,  the clarity is simply out of this world. This is the most  unbelievable signature product of the tech giant  LG Electronics. Each pixel is self radiating therefore, it does not require back-lighting. It is called the wallpaper TV for a reason. It is extremely thin just about the size of two mobile phones together about 5.9 mm.

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The performance is absolutely smooth, buttery would be the right word to describe.

LG Signature Refrigerator is another classy product liked the fact that it can be operated remotely.  You can control  it using a smart phone. You can see what is inside by knocking at the door.

Overall, I’m pleased with products although they are priced a little higher. But they are awesome nonetheless.

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