Biryani Art: An actual art!!

If you want to have some authentic Biryani and finger-licking food, Biryani Art is the place for you. We all say preparing food is an art and Biryani art has master in the art of making biryani.


Sumptuous meal delivered to us on time.
We tried the non-veg section of theirs and here is what we think of it.
Order: Starter 1 Hyderabadi chicken lollipop
Starter 2 half Apollo fish
Biryani: chicken Biryani
One Curry: Ra Ra chicken boneless
Breads: Roomali roti 3

Starters were perfectly cooked. Chicken was well marinated and soft.
The taste was great with good mix of spices and other ingredients. The fish was what we thought was the best part of the starter meal.

The main course was equally enjoyable. The rumali rotis were soft and were hot when reached us. The gravy of the ra ra was smooth and of good consistency.

Now coming to the biryani portion which is their main attraction and after having it we can easily say that yes it is.

You should at least once try this.

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